Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Drawing Narina in Ibsen´s city

Mister Ibsen I presume.

Hey, I´ve been with YWAM Skien this whole week to work with the YWAM Norway-magazine. While I´m there I´m staying in a really old prison building. I have a cell all for myself. I have to say it´s not the first time that I´ve been in prison. Because, fifteen years ago, I have very briefly worked as a prison-guard. But it is the first time that I´ve slept in prison (being asleep on the job was one of the worst things you could do as a guard).

The YWAM place I´m staying these two weeks is in this old prison.
All the thick doors and everything are still there.


The work on the magazine is going quite well, it seems that we are pretty well on schedule. In the meantime, I´ve started a series of ink-drawings, because of «Inktober». Inktober is an online event  where artists all around the world make a drawing with ink for the whole month of October. Everyone who participates will then post their ink-art on their blogs and social media. The goal of this event is to improve our inking skills. Because we commit to posting something every day, are accountable to each other for making good art. It´s always a really inspiring event.

My project for this year, is to draw pictures to C.S. Lewis´s book «The Silver Chair». I bought the whole Chronicles of Narnia series in London this spring, and towards the end of last month, I had just finished reading the sixth book in the series, which is «The Silver Chair».

Here are the drawings that I´ve been making this far:

You can see my daily pictures here on my Tumblr-site.
I´ll keep posting more pictures during the month.

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