Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Inktober week two

Hey, I´m back at Grimerud. We´ve finished another magazine for YWAM Norway. It was a good process, despite it being Jo Yngve´s first time as the editor, and me being out of my regular office surroundings. I´m very satisfied with this issue, it´s looking really good. I´ll show you some more in a couple of weeks.

For a few weeks ago, we had a small film team visiting, and they helped us (Grimerud) to make a short promo-video for the work that we do. I´m in the video too, just for one second.

Inktober is still going on, and despite the deadlines and late hour we had with the production of our magazine, I was able to keep up with the schedule of making one drawing per day. 
The drawing that I´m making for Inktober this year follow C.S. Lewis´ book «The Silver Chair» from the Narnia Chronicles. If you´ve read the book, you might recognise some of the scenes, If you haven´t, I hope you still like the pictures.
I´m posting my drawing over at my Tumblr-page.

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