Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A visit in Skien + Language studies

I´m back in Skien for another two weeks, to work on our last issue of Mot Målet for this year. This theme for this issue is going to be «loneliness».
I mentioned last time that we have been making new digital editions of our magazine, and now we also got a website going for the magazine, it´s over at
New editions and info will be available on this new site.

On Monday Marina and Ana have left Norway to spend the holidays with their family in Brasil. Their flight left from the airport closest to the Skien base, so it was very convenient for them to come visit me here in Skien this weekend. It was so good to have the weekend for just us three, away from the regular happenings at Grimerud.

I was super happy that Marina and Ana could visit me in Skien this last weekend.
THere was a small two room apartment for them in the corner of the old prison-building.

I´ll be done with my work in Skien on the fourth, and travel back to the Grimerud the day after. Then on the fourteenth it will be my turn to fly out for the holidays. In the last years I´ve always been around Grimerud during christmas and new years, but this time I will be with family and friends in the Netherlands.

Meanwhile, since I can´t spend my time together with Marina and Ana anymore, I´ve started to learn Portuguese. The two websites that I´m using for this are Duolingo and Memrise. Doulingo is very helpful to get a grasp on Portuguese grammar, while Memrise is better at pronunciation and memorising words and sentences.

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