Wednesday, January 20, 2016

A new year, a renewed magazine

First of all, I thought I´d show you the last issue of Mot Målet, this time the issue was about «loneliness». The other digital edition (the one witht he extra content) is over here.
We are planning to write about «a recipe for a good life» in the next issue. It´s going to be a very exciting number for us to work on, since we are also going to make with a whole new design for our YWAM Magazine.
Because we are starting this new design, me and Jo Yngve took a day-flight to Stavanger on Tuesday to visit the printer where Mot Målet is being printed.

Together with Jo Yngve, editor of our Norwegian YWAM magazine (the the right),
I visited the printer in Stavanger where our magazine is printed.

The big modern printing-machines that make our magazines.

… and the irreplaceable old-flanged printing machines.

From Tuesday to Wednesday I stayed over with two of my friends in Oslo, both of them have worked at Grimerud for a few years ago, but are not working and studying in the big city. It was so good to catch up with them and their families. Then at Wednesday, we had the editorial meeting for our next magazine. The meeting ended at three, and one hour and a half later, Marina and Ana arrived back in Norway after their one and a half moth long holiday-break.

Our Ana, she is so precious to me.
I drew her in the last week that the girls wer still in Brazil.


And here we are finally reunited, in the train,
and on our way back to Grimerud.