Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Christmas and New Years 2015

Happy new year everyone, I hope you´ve had a really great time where ever you were.
Sorry that I didn´t get to post a blog here in the last weeks, much of my free time I now spend on Marina and Ana.


The time of advent is a big thing in Norwegian culture, for most it is a time to prepare for the big christmas celebration with the family. For me and Marina, we took this time of advent to do a bible-devotional together. Every day advent we read about something that had to do with expecting Jesus coming, or about making room for him in our hearts. In addition to many notes, I made a drawing for each of the days of advent.
Since we had such a good time with doing our advent time like this, we decided to turn this into a yearly advent devotional for our family.

Here is a slideshow of all our advent-drawings that we are going to use every year from now on.
You can also see them at my blog overhere.


Right after I was done with last year´s last issue of Mot Målet, I went to the netherlands to spend the holidays with my family. It was great too to see many of the people in my church, and to meet other friends.
Being on furlough as a missionary you don´t only have the time to relax, and catch up with people, it is also the time when different errands have to be done. Like visiting the dentist, getting a new camera, getting my satchel fixed and stocking up on the necessary art-supplies. With so many different things to do, you often feel guilty for not having done enough.

The christmas tree at my parents house,
this year my mom but three wooden tags  in the tree,
one for each their grandchildren.

I´m helping my Nephew Ties to build a airplane.

After me and Ties built the airplane, we made drawings of it,
which I turned into to a little animation. Ties was really happy!

New year´s eve

Before coming back to Norway Saturday, I spent newyear´s eve with my brother and his family in Amsterdam.

On the first day of the year the big middag-brothers,
took the little middag-brothers for a bike-ride.

When we returned, it was time for thaw our frozen fingers,
and watch a few episodes of Masha and the bear.

A new year, a new season together

In exactly one week, both Marina and Ana will be back from their six-week stay in Brazil. All three of us are very much looking forward to be together again.

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Marina Nogueira Marques said...

So happy that at this time next week we'll be together!
Love you! <3