Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Our wedding is only days away

A belated Happy Easter to everyone,

We spent our easter in our «wedding prep-bubble», trying to get as much done before our wedding that is only seventeen days from now. Despite the stress, we did get to focus Jesus´ death and resurrection, we shared all the easter stories with Ana, watched videos and made drawings.

Our family journal: Since the day of our engagement,
we have been keeping a family journal.
The story of Peter cutting off Malgus´s ear had made a big impression on Ana.

… and easter sunday

Mot Målet´s new design

I mentioned we have given Mot Målet a redesign, and here is the result:

I am super happy with the result.
Our new interactive version of the magazine has some extra links, videos and pictures, check it out.
Besides all the wedding-preparations, I will also try and publish the another whole issue of the magazine before «the big day». It´s crazy.

Mailing our wedding invitations.

Marina is doing her nails and listing to the bible,
in the apartment that we are going share after the wedding.

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