Wednesday, June 15, 2016

More moments from our wedding

Tomorrow, me and Marina will be married for two months. It has been an amazing time. We are so happy that we are together now, and more in love than before. Here are some more photos from our wedding ceremony at Grimerud:

An early guests captured the moment that the sun broke through the clouds.
Me and Pastor Christian are looking up in joy and wonder.
The incredible weather was the biggest miracle of that day,
we felt so encouraged that God made the sun shine so brightly at that time.

Our Ana had been very very excited about being the flower girl for the wedding.
Maja, my best man´s oldest daughter is Ana´s age,
and in matching dresses, they got to be flower girls together.

Marina´s own father could not be at the wedding,
so instead she had asked my father to walk her down the aisle.

The coat

 At the beginning of the ceremony
 I gave Marina a white coat to wear with her wedding dress.
With this symbolic act, I wanted to show my faithfulness to Marina,
clothing her with warmth and dignity,
and to display that her time as a divorced woman now has ended.

The kiss

We´ve said «YES»

The cake

time to eat cake …

and have fun.


We have tried to get back into normal work-rythms after becoming a family, and simultaneously trying to wrap up our our Norwegian wedding, and planning the ceremonies in the Netherlands and in Brazil this summer. My work for the magazine has been on a pause until after the summer, so I´ve had the chance to work at Ana´s preschool here at Grimerud. We are very thankful for the opportunity that I have to work there, because we really need the exrta income to be able to pay the wedding-bills and our higher cost of living.
Tomorrow will be my last day working as a substitute preschool-teacher before the summer, and we are going to the zoo.

Our summer

Our big family-trip to the Netherlands and Brazil will already start next week. This week we are attending three «sommeravslutning» (closing for the summer). On Monday we had a barbecue for the Café UNO-staff at Linn´s house. Today after dinner, Ana´s preschool had a little party for the teachers, kids and their parents. Tomorrow we will have a closing barbecue with everyone at Grimerud.

There is a small chance that we might meet some of you this summer during our visit the Netherlands and Brazil. Our wedding ceremony in the Netherlands will be on the 26th of June, in my sending church. If you are able to come, you are welcome to attend the service, and the reception afterwards.
On the first of July we will fly to Brazil, and spend time with Marina´s family. Our wedding ceremony is planned on the 16th of July.

Enjoy your summer!

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Wenni Donna said...

You look absolutely gorgeous in these photos and your wedding outfit is equally adorable. I just got engaged last month. Now searching for awesome and spacious Seattle Wedding venues for our ceremony.