Friday, August 26, 2016

Our big 2016 summer trip

Yay, we are back from our five week summer travels to the Netherlands and Brazil. We visited both our home countries to spend time with all of our family there, and have two more very different wedding ceremonies in both of our home churches.

Even though we could have kept it with the wedding ceremony we had in Norway, we wanted as many of our friends and family to witness and celebrate our love and commitment for each-other.
We love the local churches that we are a part of, and that are sending our family out as missionaries.

In the Netherlands

The first part of our trip we were in the Netherlands, visiting my hometown Gramsbergen. From there we visited a castle in Germany and went for a few bike-rides in the area. A few days before we travelled on to Brazil, we spent some time with my brother in Amsterdam.

And Brazil

Then, for the whole month of July we were in Brazil. We spent a lot of time with our family there and visited lots of different places in the city. After our wedding-ceremony me and Marina spent four days in a mountain village for our second honeymoon.

Being in Brazil for the first time was a big new thing, in addition to meeting all the Brazilian side of our family. But I love being there, I am looking forward to come back to Belo Horizonte many times. I felt very loved and very well received. 


The coming month is going to be a busy one, it´s back to work for the both of us, and Ana is back in the preschool. We´ll have to go visit the police station and the Brazilian embassy too this month to finally get things sorted with visas and passports for the girls. In the middle of the month, Marina will go to the hospital in Elverum for a surgery on her ear, so that´s exciting too.

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