Wednesday, September 28, 2016

First fall update 2016

After all the operation was done, Marina and me enjoyed the traditional «speculaas-poppen»
that I had baked for her the night before.

Hospital report

Hello, here´s a little update again of me and my family in Norway. Marina had her ear-surgery last week on Wednesday, and everything has gone really well. She got operated on the otosclerosis on one of her ears. Tomorrow we will go back to the hospital in Elverum to remove the bandages and cottons that Marina had to keep in her one ear the whole time.

Office report

For the moment, Marina is still recovering from the operation, and she doesn´t need to get back to work until next week. Ana is still having lots of fun at Barnehagen and I am doing my regular things for YWAM Norway´s communication. Soon we will start working on this year´s fourth issue of Mot Målet, so that´s going to be good.
Besides my work for the magazine, I am often involved in a number of other national projects, even though my contribution isn´t alway very big or very central. One of those projects is the «Bible to All» campaign that has been going on since 2014. Two years back we started this huge project to offer a free bible to all of the houses in Norway. One (or two) of Norway´s counties have already been visited by the teams that hand out bibles, and now we are in the process of planning for two or three other counties. Norway has twenty counties in total.

Creative report

Just before I got together with Marina last year I was participating in an on-line arts event called «Inktober», and drew pictures for C.S. Lewis´ The Silver Chair. Everyone who participates in «Inktober» draws one ink-drawing for each day of the month of October.
This year I will visualize the wedding vows that Marina and I exchanged on the day of our wedding almost half a year ago. That will be two times eight pictures. For the other fifteen days of the month I want to draw some of the special moments of our wedding, and other pictures that I want to remember.

This is my preparation for  this year´s Inktober,
the list of the things I am planning to draw,
and the dedicated space in the sketchbook that I am going to use.

I am really lookig forward to have a longer drawing-project like this again, I haven´t been able to make much time to draw since I got together with Marina last year. It´s my family that I want to dedicate to firstly.

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