Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Mot Målet number two and three of 2016

Magazine issues

Here´s a short work-related post with Mot Målet, our YWAM Norway magazine. Even though most of my recent post have been about my new family, I do still work with the same things as before.

This year´s third issue of our magazine has «talk about porn» as it´s theme. It´s a tricky subject to do layout for, but I think we managed it quite well. Luckily we were able to get a lot of good articles from a Norwegian christian website called
A few years ago some churches and christian organisations (also YWAM) saw the need to have a christian website where youth would be able to find biblical answers to their questions about their bodies, identity, relationships and sexuality. This became the website.
We have also gotten contributions from the Norwegian christian organisation Family&Media, a organisation that wants to make Jesus visible in the Norwegian media.

We don´t know how the following issues are going to be, because since the summer we are without an editor. This means that the work is going to fall back on other people, and one of them is me. Because of this I have been doing stuff on the Mot Målet-website too. It´s going to work out, it always does. God is good.

Tomorrow, me and Marina will go to Elverum for a check-up for her ear-surgery. And next Sunday the new DTS will start here at Grimerud. New things are happening, and that is exciting.

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