Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Inktober 2016, part one

Inktober illustrations, part one

The slideshow up here is the first part of this year´s Inktober project. I´ve illustrated my wedding vows to Marina. It is so good to have a nice and manageable drawing project again. I wanted to illustrate our wedding vows, because visualising and seeing them gets me to remember and internalise them much better than having them written out in words. Also, involving Marina in it has gotten me to see some things about her that I had not known before.

By next week I should be done with Marina´s wedding vows to me.


In the meantime, I am joining the DTS here at Grimerud for the Kairos-course. This is a ten day missions course. We have just started to work on another issue of our magazine Mot Målet, which means that articles are being written. This means that I am able to use my time in learning more about missions and missionaries. It´s been really good to be a student again, I´m learning a lot.
I´ve promised my co-students that I would share with them some illustrations based on what we have been learning. Once I´ve done that, I hope to share them here on my blog too.

At YWAM Borgen, the building project is taking shape,
at the same time that they and the churches,
are offering a bible to each home in the area.

Bible to All in Troms

Meanwhile in the north of Norway, The northernmost YWAM-base is adding a new section to their classroom. I remember that the leadership at YWAM Borgen was talking about expanding their building when I was there for my DTS in 2005-2006.
In June 2015, I was back up there to help them with designing the material that they would use for the fundraising of this building project. It´s so nice to see the result of my assistance.

The promotion material I illustrated and designed for YWAM Borgen´s
current building project.

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