Thursday, December 22, 2016

LTS at Grimerud

Whoa, long time since I´ve posted anything. We have been busy with a lot of things, and it doesn´t look like it´s going to calm down until after Christmas. So, here is a short view of the things that we have been involved in:

As part of the LTS-program we had a huge (5x10 meter) map of Europe,
rolled out on the floor. We took of our shoes and prayed for all the countries.


In November we hosted a ten-day course called «LTS» (Leadership Training School). For this, over a hundred YWAM-leaders came together at our base for leadership training. It was very nice to meet so many people that work with YWAM at different places in Europe. Especially The extra cool thing was that Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM, had come to speak at the school too.

Bucket-list photo: A family-picture with Loren Cunningham,
the founder of YWAM.
Ahead of the course, I did the design for their student-manual, a twenty page folder with info, names and pictures. During the days of the course I was present at most sessions, and took pictures and notes, which I later posted on the different social media for the rest of YWAM internationally.
Marina was doing an amazing job in the kitchen, organising the three meals every day for over a hundred people.

The fourth issue of Mot Målet has dropped into people´s mailboxes by now. The theme of that issue is going to be «Hearing God´s voice», a typical topic for us in YWAM. I´ll show you guys mor of the magazine in a next post.

After one year, I´ve learned through all of the
Portuguese lessons on the Duolingo-app.

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