Thursday, April 13, 2017

Our family is growing

We can´t hide it anymore,
there is a little Middag-baby on the way.

A baby!

Whoohoo, we´re excited to tell that we´re expecting a baby in October! Just some days before my birthday. We had found out ourselves just before we were in the Netherlands for my sister´s wedding.
Marina and the baby are doing good. We have visited her doctor and the midwife here in Norway, we already got to hear the baby´s heart beat. Despite it being so early in the pregnancy.

Bit by bit we are preparing for the new member of our family, and the small apartment we have is filling up with clothes and other things that our generous friend have donated to us. But all of that will have to wait for another six weeks, as we are travelling to England tomorrow. Then at the end of May we will be back in Norway.

Our group «Burning Bright» was performing at the
local refugee-centre last Tuesday.

Burning Bright

Just last week we were at the local refugee-centre with the dance and drama-group we started half a year ago. It´s a dance group for young children, inspired on what is internationally known as King´s Kids. We´ve named our group Burning Bright.
Our group has twice perfomed simple dances and dramas during the dig dinners that we at Grimerud organise for the refugees, and twice our group has performed at a local church.
But over the weekend we took contact with the board of the refugee-place, and to our surprise they allowed us to have our Gospel-presentation now on Tuesday. After the presentation we had an easter-egg hunt outside with the refugee-kids.

Alright, that was the news for now. We are flying to England early in the morning tomorrow. In the next post I´ll share with you our first impressions of the place.

Happy Easter everybody!

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