Saturday, May 20, 2017

TESOL England: Almost done already

Marina teaching, most of her students are Brazilian too. All future missionaries.

Finishing the TESOL

Our stay in England has felt like it has gone really fast, we´ve had very long days with the TESOL-course and everything. But it´s all been very good, but we´re looking forward to come home again to Norway. Marina has been having good results on her course, and is always very happy to be teaching English again.
Ana has been having a good time at school, even though it is all so different from what she has been used with in Norway. She is happy to have made new friends, and have new teachers.
But the thing that really motivates her is reading books. When I pick her up from school at the end of the day, the first thing she does it to show me the new book the school sends home for us to read.

Before we travelled, we made sure we packed
our Norwegian flags, so we could celebrate the
Norwegian national day.

One of the pictures I drew for Wycliffe.

What I have been doing

I have had my taste of «Stay-at-home-dad» while I have been here. Taking care of our apartment and of my family. It´s been a new role for me, but it´s been good. Once Ana is in school I´ve had the time to make more illustrations for Wycliffe´s list of keywords for bible translation. More on my tumblr-blog.
For YWAM Norway, our second issue of Mot Målet got moved to the summer, so I don´t have to stress with that now. With the available work-time I´ve got now I´ve instead given a little hand the Norwegian version of the 30 Days of Prayer project. Next week, Ramadan will start, and during those 30 days many christians around the world are praying for the Muslim world.

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