Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Back from England with a growing baby, ready for big school.

TESOL in transit

We´ve come back at the beginning of June, and we are very happy to be back in our own home. Our own beds, our own kitchen our own bathroom. And especially all the people here at Grimerud.
We plan to be at Grimerud this summer, where we will work practically with some events. We don´t have plans to go any places on vacation.
Now that we have completed the TESOL in England, we want to go on and offer english-teacher training in Norway as well. What this is going to look like, and how we are going to do this is still something we are trying to figure out.

Big school for Ana

The day after we came back we visited the school that Ana is going to go to after the summer. It´s going to be a big class with 19 kids. The school is called Hedemarken Friskole. The school is half an hour away from where we live. YWAMers started this private christian school 25 years ago, and in it´s time it was the first private school in the country. Most families that live at Grimerud have kids that go to this school. About half of Ana class are kids she knows from the preschool here at Grimerud.
After having gone to a public school in England, we see that Ana is very ready for big school.

Ana´s new school-class.

The baby

The second day after we came back we had an appointment with the midwife. Our baby is very healthy and active, and everything seems to be okay. At the first appointment we couldn´t see the gender yet, because the umbilical cord was in the way. At the second appointment, the midwife was as sure as she could be that our growing baby is a girl. Watch the video below to see Ana´s reaction to the big news.

Burning Bright

Just this week, we had a little party with «Burning Bright», the children´s dance-group we started last winter. Since the seven months we started the group, many kids have joined us. We have been able to do three projects in this time, with different dances for each project. Towards the end, the oldest kids even made their own group where they themselves prepare some parts of our weekly rehearsals.
It´s great to see the little and the big kids grow in confidence of expressing themselves, even on stage in front of a lot of people.

The kids of our dance-group «Burning Bright»,
We´ve had a lot of good times and performances since we started this winter.

What I do

Besides the practical work here at the base, I am hoping to do a few dozen more illustrations for Wycliffe. Their project-deadline is in July, and it looks like that me and the other artists will be able to finish off some 300 key-words. Besides that, the summer is typically the time of the year to catch up on unfinished projects.

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Lucy_Ann_B said...

It's a good thing that Ana learnt to read in England :) Her reaction is so cute! x