Sunday, August 20, 2017

We are waiting for new things

It´s like advent

Marina is past the 32nd week of her pregnancy, and the due date for the baby (19th of October) is coming closer. We are preparing our house, and pretty much the rest of our life, for the arrival of our baby girl. For me who has never had a daughter born, the whole time of preparation made me think of advent (the Norwegian version). We buy a lot of things (even a car), people give us things (lots of newborn-baby clothes, thanks everyone) and move our stuff around in the house and decorate the baby corner. It´s like advent, we´re anticipating the birth of a child. Our child.
Both Marina and the little girl that is growing in the belly are very healthy and active.

Our beautiful pregnant mom in the family,
picking cherries in our friend´s garden.

The family car

Yes, we suddenly, and finally have our own car. It´s a Zafira. It´s a very nice family car, with a lot of space for Ana´s car seat, and soon for the baby seat and stroller. Another family that has been living at Grimerud for the last four years needed to sell their car, because they are going to the middle east as missionaries. We were able to finalize the purchase and the paperwork just in the last days before they left. We will be able to pay for the car with the money we will receive because of the baby.

We are so happy we got our own car now.

Waiting for visas

I have not mentioned this on the blog before, but we are in the process of applying for a family-reunification visa for the girls. They have used up their four years as volunteer workers here in Norway, and for us as a family to be able to stay in this country we needed another visa. We have sent in the application already before we went to England. With a processing time of half a year, we hope to get the visa before the baby is born. It´s a bit of a tricky and unusual visa situation, but all families we know that have applied in similar situations have gotten their visa´s granted. Please pray for us about this.

We´ll keep you updated

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