Monday, October 30, 2017

Liv Elise Marques Middag

She is here

Two weeks ago, on the 16th of October at 06:06 our sweet little Liv Elise was born at the hospital in Elverum. At birth she weighed 3740 grams, and was 53 cm tall. So far we have come to know her as a quiet baby that sleeps a lot, drinks well and cries little. Ana is really proud to be a big sister, and keeps telling everyone about the baby in our family.
My parents have been here since the beginning of last week, and have been a great help with all kinds of small things around the house, or spending time with Ana when Liv Elise needs our attention. This weekend, also Marina´s brother and his girlfriend have been visit, all the way from Brazil.

Her name

Once we knew our baby was going to be a girl we started thinking and praying about what her name was going to be. Me and Marina have some differences in how we want to decide and process things, but in the end we are really happy that we can call our girl Liv Elise.
«Liv» is originally a very old norse word, which meant refuge. In today´s Norwegian, it is the word for life. «Willem», which is in my name also means protector or protection.
The name «Elise» came out of our time in praying for our girl while Marina still was pregnant, it means dedicated to God. As parents, we want her life to be dedicated to God, and will raise her with that purpose.
She has both our last names, which is normal in Brazil. And in this way she will share a last name with Ana, who does not have my last name.

For the baby-room, I have spent a month or so working on this collage.
It is themed around our choice for the baby´s name.
The caterpillars and butterflies signify God´s promise that all things
will be made new. The hiding mouse and bird signify refuge.

Work and visas

Marina is with maternity leave now, and there are others that are taking over her responsibilities as the kitchen manager. I have been able to be with my family all this time since our little girl was born, but soon we have to start working on the next issue of Mot Målet. I had not posted about the newest issue yet, but that one is available at
We are still waiting for the visas for both girls, we should have gotten an answer for more than a month ago, but it seems that they still have not started looking at our case yet. Please keep praying that the visas of the girls will come through soon.

While I am at home with the family, I do have some time here and there to keep drawing bible-images for Wycliffe Associates work to speed up bible translations into all the remaining languages that do not yet have a bible.
We have heard very good reports from the work where the images have been used alongside bible-translation in different countries in Asia this summer. Here are some of the recent images I have drawn (Winepress, Wineskin and Unleavened Bread):

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