Sunday, December 31, 2017

Three of my favourite work-things of this year

Hello, here´s a little end of the year update from me and the rest of the Middag-family.
Our littlest Middag is almost three months, she is sleeping well, drinking well and growing well. We really enjoy seeing her smile back at us when we talk and play with her.

This year´s Christmas party at Grimerud was combined with the monthly 
big dinner-party that we  host for the refugees in the area. Most of
the people that come for this dinner are Muslims, and this year we had an
clear presentation of what Christmas means for us and why we celebrate it.

Ministry in 2017

It certainly has been a good year for us, firstly because our dear daughter and sister Liv Elise was born, but we can also look back on good work in missions this year. I want to name three of my favourite things of the past year:
  1. In the spring I started to put together a manual for how we make Mot Målet. Even though I have been making this magazine for a long time, I still thought it would be helpful to put all the how-to´s of magazine making into one file. It ended up to be much bigger than I thought it would be, especially because it also involves a website and social media.
    In the end it was a very helpful document to have for myself and to share with others that help out with making the magazine.
  2. I´ve had an "mission builder" work with me right at the time that Liv Elise was born. A mission-builder is someone who volunteers short-term to “lift up the arms” of frontline missionaries through practical, hands-on service. Elise, the mission builder, worked with hospitality and graphic design while she was here. She was able to take over a lot of my work for Mot Målet so I could be with my family.
    If being a mission builder sounds interesting to you, and you would like to serve missions anywhere in the world with your skills, please have a look at
  3. Since the time we were in England for Marina´s TESOL course, I have been putting my own expertise in illustration to good use for front-line missions by making illustrations for Wycliffe Bible translators. I have contributed to a database of thousands of images depicting words used in the text of the bible. These images are used as a visual reference for national translators to translate the bible into their own language.When people can read God´s word in their own language, it becomes a God´s message for them.
    It´s nice to work with communication in Norway, it´s much more valuable to me to be able to do something for peoples that don´t have any bibles at all. See more about Wycliffe´s projects here.

    These are the latest four images I have drawn for Wycliffe, Marina was happy to pose for these pictures.






Nothing has changed with the visa-application since the last time. We are still waiting to hear from the authorities about our case. Please keep on praying with us that our case will come through quickly and favourably.

Happy new from all of us here in Norway,
God bless you in the year to come!

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