Saturday, February 17, 2018

Video updates + Our place in YWAM Norway

First of all we want to wish all of you a happy new year, and Gods blessing on your lives in this new year. This year we as a missionary family are stepping up our communication about some of our work and things that are happening at Grimerud. So, we´ve started making video updates, enjoy: 

YWAM as an apostolic movement, and our roles in this movement.

It´s been more than a month since the last issue of Mot Målet has gotten to it´s subscribers. The theme of this issue was "the apostolic ministry", where we touched upon what it means for us in YWAM to be an apostolic movement.
Simply put, an apostle is a missionary, someone who is sent out with a message (in Dutch we use the word "zendeling"). In Ephesians 4 in the Bible, the apostles (missionaries) are one of five kinds of ministries that God gives to build his church.
If the fivefold ministry gifting from Ephesians 4 are compared to the five fingers of a hand, then the apostle is the thumb. The same way the thumb touches on the other four fingers, an apostle helps and enables the other people in the church to do their thing. Often without being especially good at the things it is helping the others with.

The apostolic nature of our missions movement is clearly visible in our DTSes, our typical short-term missions projects and our commitment to believe in young people as missionaries. People come here for a short period to be equipped, and are then sent to where God has called them.

Now I want to give a few sentences how this whole apostolic thing applies to our family.
Marina and me don´t work with these typical apostolic things, training and sending out young people. Rather, we support and facilitate for others to do this work. Marina has ran the kitchen so there is food for everyone on the training programs. I´m working with design and communication so we are able to let more people know about the possibilities to come here to do missions training with YWAM in Norway. Not everyone is supposed to be a missionary, but we´re all called to be involved in missions.

The whole magazine can be seen here:

Our two girls

We are very thankful that our little girl is growing really well. She is four months now, and has reached two milestones; rolling over from back to belly and eating solids (smushed pears). She has also started to sleep in Ana´s room during the night.
Ana is also doing very well, she enjoys school so much that she keeps setting up her own classrooms and lesson plans at home. A few days ago was obligatory skiing-day at her school. Something that was all new for both me and Marina, luckily there are many people in our community that can help us make sure Ana had all the right things for ski-day. Skis waxed and all.

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