Friday, April 27, 2018

Mot Målet #1 2018 / We´ve moved house!

This is our new home now. From the balcony to where you can see the little ladder on the middle of the roof.
The show is gone too, and spring has finally arrived.

Hello again, here a little quick update about how we have been doing in the last months. We have moved house, inside the Grimerud-property. We used to have the apartment on the second floor of the main building, which was very cozy, but a bit impractical for a family of four.
At a missions base like Grimerud there are always people coming and going. People come here to train others for missions, or get training themselves. People leave when we send them out as missionaries, or they become involved somewhere else in society.
With all that moving, this new place became available, so we moved there a few weeks ago. We are definitely happy about our new place.

Mot Målet 1 2018

This year´s first issue of Mot Målet has been out for a month already, but I still wanted to show it to you. The theme of this publication was about sexual harassment and the #metoo campaign.

30 days of prayer in 2018

Another thing I´ve been working on is this year´s booklet for the 30 days of prayer campaign for the Muslim world. Like last year, we will be praying for muslims during the coming time of Ramadan. The Norwegian version of this booklet is a cooperation between many missions organisations in Norway like Open Doors, Wycliffe, Frontiers, YWAM and NLM.
The Norwegain prayer-guide can be found here at, prayer guides in other languages can be found at the international site.
And just as last year, I will also be involved with the social media for this project.

Visa and financial situation

The visas for the girls still have not come, even though we applied more than a year ago. Please keep praying for these things to be resolved quickly. Our financial situation has been challenging in the last months. But as we have worked with is both in prayer and by contacting people, our situation has fortunately gotten much better. We are so blessed.

I´ll hopefully post another update soon, and show some more of our new place.

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