Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mot Målet #2 2018 / More bible images

Hello again there, I´m happy you´re still reading this blog. While I was single I could post something here every week, and now it´s already been two months since I last posted something here. Like a lot of people I am moving away from blogging and am now mainly using Facebook and Instagram to keep in touch with our friends and family.
Does this mean that I will stop the blog? I don´t know yet, but probably in some years.

Another thing that we have started doing is making monthly video-updates for our family, and here is the one for the month of May. It´s just me (and a little bit of Liv Elise) this time, enjoy:

Mot Målet #2 2018

Yes, so we got another issue of Mot Målet out. This issue´s theme-section is about identity. And it´s an important topic to be aware about.

Bible pictures

In the video you can see some of the bible pictures that I had to redraw. But besides those I have also been drawing new pictures. The ones over here are «crucify» and «jealousy». Each word that has to be drawn has a definition given to it, which really helps with a difficult word like jealousy. The definition given with that word was: The desire to keep a relationship pure.
I´ve never thought of jealousy in that way, I´ve always thought it was about you wanting something not to happen, rather then wanting to keep something the way it is. So, in the process I get to learn a lot too.
It´s honouring to think that I get to contribute to the translation of the bible into languages that don´t have a bible. That my drawings will be a small help for those who work with the translations.

Visa and financial situation

The visas for the girls still have not come, even though we applied more than a year ago. Please keep praying for these things to be resolved quickly. We keep calling the government from time to time, but then they just say their working at it, and nothing more. Now that the summervacation is here they will probably not do anything with it until in the fall.
Our financial situation is going to much better in the coming year. I have been asked to work two days in the week in one of the pre-schools connected to YWAM. This will give us the finances we need for Marina to take her drivers licence, and all the expenses that come with the visas we hope we will get in the coming year. 

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