Friday, December 14, 2007


After the weekend we visited other Christians south from Murmansk. For one day we stayed in a small apartment in a town called Alinigorsk. A few of us went to visit a Christians near Monchegorsk. The leader used to be in the Russian army where his job was to shoot down planes, most of the other people come from the rehab centre. This is the only rehab centre in the whole of the Kola peninsula, it is run by Christians.

We went to meet with them to discuss the possibilities of visiting them in the summer next year with Mission Adventures. They were very happy to receive us, and were going to plan stuff for us to do.

For me it was very inspiring to see that all these young people (up to 30) that used to be doing drugs are now serving Jesus with their lives. They in turn were very encouraged that there were people from Norway and Holland coming to Russia. Also here the guys wanted to be on the photo with me and the rest. It was good to see a non-western part of the church. It makes me want to join Mission Adventures next year.

Russia was not so bad this time, and I even liked the Monchegorsk area, even when it was cold and deserted. This whole trip has been good to me in the way that by visiting these people I have seen that my own life has great value. When I see the difference between me and them.

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