Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Studio to Street: The ending (finished, not perfect)

Sketching in Prague
Photo: Carrie Hardy

Spontaneous street-art on walls in Milan
Photo: Carrie Hardy

Group street-art on the square in Vienna.
Photo: Carrie Hardy 

We are back in London, and at the moment we are in full swing with the preparations for the final exhibition that we are going to have in the church in Notting Hill tomorrow. I think that it´s the first time that I am actually being part of an arts exhibition.

On the photo´s above you can see some of the street-art we have been doing in the last four weeks. Besides making drawings and paintings, we also did a lot of singing, praying and walking. In fact, we did so much walking, that my legs still are hurting.

Group song in Milan.
Photo: Carrie Hardy 

The Arts Internship finishes tomorrow, and on friday I fly back to Norway. I will write posts later about the exhibition and Arts Internship as a whole.

Below are a few peeks of what I have been working on today:

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Studio to Street, Milan

The door to the cathedral

The last city on our mission-trip is Milan, where it is warm and the people have time to talk. We are staying in a church-building, at the far east side of the city. We are well received by the church where we are staying. Together with the church and the YWAM-ers in the city we do evangelism in the city on most of the days through music and performances.

The cathedral in Milan that took 500 years to build

At the very prestigious academy of arts,
we were there on a sunday, so no students were there.

I don´t really have pictures of when we talk with the people here, but here are some drawings I made in the park behind the castle. I love the parks here and all the big trees in the city.

Italian restaurants,
drawn on location.

Next week I will be back in London for the final week on this Arts Internship.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Studio to Street, Vienna

We are in Vienna this week, the capitol city between the Alps and the Carpathians. 
During this city-trip, the book of Acts has become very real to me. Like Paul´s mission-trips, we are traveling from country to country and from city to city. And every time we get to a new place, we need to change our approach a little bit.

Vienna, seen from the Leopoldsburg

Nine years ago, when I did my DTS, we did evangelism with an Australian guy called Vince Esterman. He worked in Paris at that time, and would use a sketch-board with words and pictures on the streets. The Parisians, who are very intellectual and distant, are hard to reach through conversation, but would pay attention to something that was funny and witty. 

Music, dance and sketching are often great ways to start a conversation, but people´s hearts are reached a little differently in different cities.

The first night in the city we played under the St. Stephan´s cathedral. It caught a nice big crowd.

Playing worship songs at the St. Stephan's square.
Photo: Taboo Arts

And all of the sudden, we drew a huge crowd.
Photo: Taboo Arts

Joy danced into the quiet city night.
Photo: London Arts

Sketches of the team-members performing while we were at the museum-square.

The city has many cathedrals and churches, but all the tall and imposing buildings are starting to tire me. All the high towers point up and away from the people, like long noses of the disciples who looked up after Jesus´ ascension.
But God is not far away, perched on the top of a church-spire. He has sent his Spirit to be with us, to work in our hearts and teach us everything Jesus taught.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Studio to Street, Prague

On friday we took the buss from Berlin to Prague, our team is going to be here for one week.
In the time that we have been here, we have been out on the street a lot to pray, to talk with people about Jesus and to worship to God together in this city.

The New Town Hall of Prague,
from the very top of the tower you have a great view over all the city.
This tower was important in the Hussite wars,
that followed the protestant reformations of Jan Hus.

Prague is an impressive and beautiful city, everything is decorated everywhere. This city has a very vibe than a lot of the places I have been before. Even though it is a beautifully artistic city, It is not a place I would like to live. I prefer the countryside over big cities. I was so happy to see German forests and fields passing us by ont he road between Berlin and Prague.

The astronomical clock at the old square in Prague,
in the evenings we did evangelism around the clock and around the statue of Johan Hus.

A few times I was able to sit down and draw the architecture in the city. It was quite cold, so I could not spend more than half an hour on each sketch. While sketching the city like this, I also get into fun conversations with people, and opportunities to share the gospel.

Happy Easter, my next blog-post will be from Vienna.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Studio to Street, Berlin

Okay, we made it to Berlin. We left London super early on thursday and arrived in Berlin at noon. We met the people of YWAM Berlin that same evening. The places we are staying is a part of an hotel called Hotel Graf Pückler. YWAM Berlin is having several of the apartments in that hotel, and their office/classroom is down by the street.

Early the first day we got a call from one of the members of the german parliament, who asked us to come and pray for him, for Angela and for all of the government of Germany.

Us, Frans Heinrich (the man with the tie),
and some of the people of YWAM Berlin.
Photo: Deborah Stevenson

The day after we were right at the Potsdammer Platz, playing songs and talking with people about Jesus. That was a really cold day. On sunday the weather had turned good again, and we were at Mauerpark where did 10 meter of graffiti.

With a team of six people we sprayed ten meters of wall, the boy in the picture is our seventh man.
He really likes graffiti and offered to «help» me with what I was doing.
Photo: Carry Hardy

My friend Tiemen came to visit me while we were at the park,
we know each other from back in Gramsbergen.
Photo: Deborah Stevenson

We were back with the wall again today, and I painted this horse. I like painting horses.
 It was really nice practice to a bit on my own with spray cans.

Monday was our day off, and I got to explore the city a bit on my own. At Checkpoint Charlie I sat down in a café to paint the «thing» going on:

Checkpoint Charlie from the café window

Checkpint Charlie-painting

On the way back from the checkpoint, I came by this chathedral that stood out from all of the other buildings in the city. This is the French Cathedral of Berlin. This is the church of the French Huguenots (french lutherans, calvinists and protestants) who in 1685 had feld to protestant Berlin for refuge.

It has a great view from the dome of the cathedral

The YWAM Berlin team is really happy to have us here, because they are so few here, and the chances in the city are many. YWAM in Berlin used to be a lot bigger, but the stricter visa-regualtions forced many of the foreign missionaries to Berlin to have to leave. Things are starting to look brighter now. 

The next blog-post will come from the city of Prague

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Studio to Street wk7: A weekend with Annemarie in Ireland

This weekend, I took a two day trip to Ireland, to visit my sister Annemarie who lives and works close to Dublin. On our touristy trips to the big city, we watched some of the St. Patricks festival going on. Our main sightseeing goal had been the National Museum of Ireland.

I drew these to make the huge skeletons we saw at the National Museum in Ireland come to life.

And another page of flesh and bone Irish Elk.

The skeletons of Giant Irish Deer in the museum,
I hope I get to see real ones in heaven.

Dublin Castle.

Later that day at the Temple Bar pub.

The second day, we mostly stayed at home and relaxed. Just before I went back to London, we dropped by this fountain-pen store in the city centre of Dublin. Even though it was quite a high end store, I really like it.

My personal favourite little shop in Dublin: The Pen Corner.

All in all, it was very refreshing to be away to Dublin for the weekend, just to spend some time with Annemarie. These two days have been really good to get a little Guinness flush-break from everything that has been going on in London, and many of the things that I have been running through my head.

Tomorrow we are leaving on our four-week outreach to the continent, our first stop will be Berlin. It´s going to be very exciting, as we are going to do a lot of different things. We will be much on the streets, making music and drawings, talking with people and praying for the cities.
An extra challenge will be that most of us will travel with just hand-luggage …

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Studio to Street wk6: Sketches and paintings

Oh, it´s Wednesday again. Time is flying when there is so much happening.
Here are some of the drawings from this week.

A self portrait I did on sunday.

Sketching the interior of the café across the nearest overground station.

Second sketch from the same café.

One of the pictures I am making for the exhibition, it´s getting som colour now.

The third picture for the exhibition, almost done.

This weekend I will visit my sister in Dublin, I am really looking forward to that.