Thursday, November 20, 2014

An Oslo visit, Sketching in the cathedral

In the last couple of weeks, I´ve been making pages and pages of sketches. I´m working a few dozen pencil drawings for a book about friendship, love and sex for christian teenagers.Writing a book for teenagers about this subject is kind of a delicate thing, finding the right way to illustrate it is even more so. The above images are meant to illustrate the the idea of craving.

 Art thieves

Today, I´ve been into Oslo, to visit the Dutch Embassy, I had to renew my passport. I took some extra hours in town to work on these sketches. One of those places was the Cathedral in the middle of the city, it´s really nice and quiet in there. No one disturbs you or wants to look in sketchbook.
I can´t say I got divine inspiration from being in the church-building, but being at a place like this does something with you mood and thoughts.

Oslo Cathedral,
a place you can go to day and night,
 just like Jesus.

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

From my sketchbook: Oktober

This was a «collaborative project» with Ana (3).
We placed blocks on the page, and drew around the shape with pencil,
then they got faces and bodies.
Afterwards I went over the lines with a brush and coloured them.
It kinda looked like a computer-game, so I put a Super Mario on it.

I´m going to show you some of the pages of what my sketchbook this time. I use my sketchbook on only for working ideas visually. It´s also doodling and sketching, and sometimes I let one of the children at Grimerud make some draw on a page.
Because I think of the sketchbook as a picture-book, I don´t want it to have too much written notes in them. So, for a while I´ve tried to to keep a separate notebook for writing. But then I never take note book out of my bag, and end up writing in my sketchbook anyway.

I lose attention really easily at meetings and church services, but now that I can take my sketchbook with me, I kinda look forward to sit in on meetings. It´s nice to have something to do while listening to the speaker, and I can swap very easily between making drawings and writing things down. You also pay listen in a very different way while you´re sketching (or knitting?).

I´ve shown you before probably, but I really love this guy´s sketches that he does in church. His point is not that he´s in church when he makes the drawings, but that sketching is something you can do at any time.

Meanwhile in the office, I have finished some activity pages for children for the next issue of Mot Målet. This week, I am starting to do the layout for the rest of the magazine. This is going to be the christmas issue for this year.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Café UNO goes downtown

Last saturday we had Café UNO open for the first time in our new location at Hamars main street. The mayor came by to cut a ribbon and do a speech. The city council is very happy about having us in the city. And in the last few months, we have gotten a lot of support from other organisations as well.
Café UNO moved downtown, and we are there to stay.

Even though we´ve got our own little website for our café, it´s at our facebook-page where you bet can keep track of what´s going on.

Morten Aspeli, the mayor of the Hamar, and Linn, the manager of the café, at the reopening.
Photo credit: Tom Sigurdsen

On the day we had the café open from twelve to twelve, and I was at the café for the last part of the day. They managed to do the opening ceremony without me.

A new thing: A blackboard wall, right in front of the counter.

An old thing that is new: The «Jesus-picture» in white,
we´ve had the same mural image in the previous cafés,
but this time we gave it an light colour instead of a dark colour.

Our new downtown-place. We´ve got the whole second floor.
It´s almost twice as big as the places where we have been before.
This photo was taken when this was stil the bridal-shop.

Meanwhile, at Grimerud, we are preparing for the next issue of Mot Målet. Among other things. I´ve got asked to make children´s pages again. We have not had them in the last issues, and some families that subscribe to the magazine have been missing them.
This time it´s going to be a real brain-cracking-hard puzzle to solve, involving speech bubbles.

Here´s a bit of the puzzle that I´ve been working on this week.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

66 Deer

66 Deer.

I´ve been drawing these deer to practice for a tattoo-design that I am working on. It´s not for myself.
My birthday was nice, thanks everyone for the congratulations. There was a lot going on at Grimerud last thursday, so I spent the evening with friends in town.

Another happy thing that´s been happening i town this week is that we moved Café UNO into the new place. It´s at the main walking street of the city, and almost twice as big as the two places we have rented before. Last night I was there for a few hours to paint a bit of our signature «Jesus-portraint» on one of the walls.

Once this is done, it´s going to look like the face of Jesus.
hope we get it done by saturday though.

Next saturday is the first day we are going to have Café UNO open in the new place, hope everything goes well, and if I remember to bring my camera, I´ll take some pictures for the blog.

Back at Grimerud, we´ve got a lot of people visiting. Last week there was a retreat for teams that are pioneering new places with YWAM in Europe. This week, we´ve got some seventy extra students from other YWAM-places visiting for a week of teaching on «the fatherheart of God».
Down in my office I´ve been making puzzles again, for the next issue of Mot Målet. It´s gonna be good and really difficult.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Before I get much older

I know it´s not much, but it´s better than nothing at all.

Yeah, just quickly, I´ve been a bit busy this last week. I´ve been making some extra drawings in the evening time for this #inktober challenge, on Facebook and on Twitter. It´s been bringing back a lot of memories from when I did the illustrated diaries two years ago. Staying up late, and making drawings when I could be making friends. But the month is soon over.

Besides making pictures, I´ve been hanging out with the people here at Grimerud, that´s a lot of fun.
Meanwhile, I have not gotten to mention to you that Café UNO is moving into a new place, right at the main shopping street in the city. This week we are there to paint and prepare the place. We hope to have our first opening day there on the first november.

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I´ll turn 33.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Mot Målet 3 2014, Student or Disciple

Here is the third issue of Mot Målet for this year, and the first issue that we made after the editor is back from her one year off. As you can see, I´m on the cover of the magazine, and on the inside too. The costume we borrowed from someone who works with film and musicals on biblical themes.

Go here if you want to get a free subscription to our magazine (all in Norwegain)

Bible to All

We are now halfway int he bible-distribution effort in the north of Norway. Here is a videoblog from last week. All in english:

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Taking bibles to far off places

A very nostalgic picture of people handing out bibles from wooden crates.
The reality of the «Bible to All», is even better.

The bible to all

While I´ve been down in my office working on design-projects, others from YWAM Norway have been traveling around the northernmost part of the country to knock on every door and offer a free bible. Every door.It sounds a lot like what you would think evangelism and missions would be like. Going from door to door, giving people bibles. And it is.

The reports that I have heard fro my friends out there up there have been very positive. People like to have a bible of their own if the get one offered. Here is one of the report video-blog that has an english bit in the middle:

My invisible visible support role

For about six years ago I worked in a team that was travelling around the north of Norway. We visited churches and schools in the small villages, and did spots or crafts combined with a bible story or an presentation of the gospel. When our work with he mobile team ended, and I moved to the south, I had a sense that I would continue the same work, in an supportive role instead, not knowing then that that would be through graphic design.

So, even though I´m not tromping around the north with many of the other YWAMers these weeks. I am regularly helping out with graphics: brochures, web-banners and newspaper-ads. And we pray for all the teams of course, and for the people that will get bibles.You can follow our bible-touring activities at the Website or the Facebook-page, or follow the hashtag #Bibelentilalle.

Newspaper ads for the «Bible to All»-tour.

Loren Cunningham, the founder of our missions movement, is also coming to Norway to speak in a number of churches, and call the rest of the country to organise a similar effort for their part of the country.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

66 Reindeer: Bibles to all of Finnmark

66 Reindeer

Last week, YWAM Norway has started her bible-distribution in Finnmark, Norway´s northernmost county. Teams will travel to all the small places to go door to door and offer a beautiful new bible to every household that wants one (or more). This marathon is called «Bibelen til Alle».
So, therefore a big picture with 66 Reindeer. Up in Finnmark there are a lot of reindeer, and reindeer-herders. The goal with this campaign is to get everyone excited about the bible again. We hope that  people will read not just some, but all the 66 books of the bible.

The last time that a group of people went door to door in all Finnmark was 70 years ago. It was the Nazi´s who told people to evacuate to the south because they were going to set the county on fire in «operation Norderlicht».

It has been six years ago that I was in a small team that would travel around the area of Finnmark, organising events and meetings for the youth.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

66 Black Grouse

66 Black Grouse.
This is the bird of Hamar´s Coat of Arms.

Yeah, sorry for not posting last week. I was pretty busy with the magazine. I needed to sleep and hang out with my friends too.
But now that the magazine is done, I can be making pictures again. This time I have drawn 66 Black Grouse. The number 66 is for all the books of the bible, and the bird for Hamar, the city where I go to church.
You might remember that I have draw a big page with 66 elephants before. Full pages of animals are a lot of fun to make, and the process is quite relaxing. It also gives me a good opportunity to practice drawing these specific animals. I think I´m going to be doing some more of them in the coming months.

 The magazine turned out pretty good. And as I hinted last time, I did end up on the cover page, I´ll let it be a surprise, what I will look like exactly. I have been on the cover of our Norwegain YWAM magazine before, but you would really have to look really well to see me.

Enjoy your week!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Fiery Lion

Fiery Lion: An illustration for an article about anger management.

For the last issue of Mot Målet, we were going to have an article about anger-management, and I had already made the above illustration for it. But than the article had to make place for something else.
These last weeks, we have been working on another issue of Mot Målet again, and since the article is not going to appear in this next issue either, I thought I could safely show the picture here on my blog.

I was first going to draw the Hulk for this article, but someone remind me the character is copyrighted. I don´t know how bad it is to publish you´r own pictures of superheroes and cartoon-characters. But for the article I could get the message across just as well with an lion.

The next issue of our magazine is going to be about «Discipleship and Training», and there´s a big chance that I´m going to on the cover-page. Photo-shoot on friday.