Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Have you ever sat softer

"Have you ever sat softer,
have you ever seen clearer?"


I watched the Disney/Pixar´s "Brave" a few weeks ago, and made this above drawing of Merida riding a big black bear. I also thought about this beloved painting by the Norwegian folktale painter Theodor Kittelsen when I made this drawing.
I´ve recently seen Frozen too, but I still like Brave better.

Have a good easter-time everyone!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Lars Kristian´s story

(For those that do not understand Norwegian, this video has a "Caption-option" that you can turn on so you can follow it in english)

Last week, this short video with our friend Lars Kristian Kvåle got published. I can´t say I knew him very very well, but he didn´t need a lot of time to let anybody know what he was about. Lars Kristian was living for Jesus. Now he is with Jesus.

My story

A few times I did talk with him, and on all of those times we shared with each other how both of us had been given peace and hope from God in difficult periods. I have been very sick with a serious skin-condition at times between 2003 and 2010.
Life isn´t fair, but I know God to be more fair than I can see or think. His fairness, logic and power go beyond mine. God´s power to heal, is very real to me. In 2005, He healed me of the skin-disease I had been suffering. After a special time of prayer, my body healed over a period of two weeks. But once healed, the disease came back for some years, and it was in these confusing years that I learned to trust in God even though I could not understand Him. God gave me the peace and assurance that I needed at that time.

Here and here are two entries of my drawing diaries that are about Lars Kristian.
He really wanted to talk about who God was for him, much more than anything else.

At work

At the office, I am mostly working on a magazine-format of the children´s pages I have been making about the book of Jonah. I am creating some more background material around the pages that we already have. The magazine that we are working towards now is meant for people that almost don´t know anything about the bible.  This means that we have to make some changes in the text too.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Watercolour illustration: Syrian refugees

Two Syrian refugees

I didn´t get to post anything last week, because I was too tired after finishing the magazine.

Last weekend, I had been interviewed about my job as a magazine-illustrator. The interview was for a magazine a friend of mine is making for her studies in Oslo.
It was not the very first time I got interviewed, but this one was a lot more in-depth.
Some of the questions really got me thinking about the way I work and think. I realised that I perhaps should use my a lot more illustration in my work for YWAM. Because I can.

The drawing above is for a fundraising-campaign we are going to have to help Syrian refugees. YWAM Norway is going to send people to different refugee camps for short periods. Our leadership is meeting these day to plan how we best can help.
For the fundraising-paper, it would have been enough with just the photo of these two refugees, but I decided to make a watercolour drawing of the photo. I also hope it will make some people think twice when they see an illustration instead of a photo.

The magazine with the interview in it will not be published until in May. I´ll hope to be able to show it to you by then.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Tumble trample

Tumble, trample, woosh,
oh how busy I am.

I´m still alive, and very hard at work with our YWAM magazine. The deadline is next week, and there is still a lot to do. At easter time, once the magazine has been published I will show you all the neat things we have been doing.

Until then, I´m going to be crazy busy …

See you,

Thursday, March 13, 2014

The last supper: Remember me …

… remember me

Plan B

For our YWAM Magazine, I was going to write an article about how to read and understand the bible in the way it was intended. After having followed a the week of teaching about this subject, I thought I would have enough yarn to spin an article. But no.
Now I am back on plan B, which is making a "children´s page" about one bible-story. That I can do.
So, now in-between everything else, I am working on a spread about the last supper. I thought that would be fitting, since the magazine be in the people´s mailboxes just before Easter.
The "how to read the bible-article" will have to wait for a later issue of the our magazine.

I gave in, I´m on Pinterest. I´ve uploaded last year´s drawings for this blog and a few other things. Follow me if you like.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Julie again

Julie is snapping at the first snowflakes

Little Julie

A few weeks ago I made the above painting at Kreativ UNO, the creative artsy workshops we have at the youth café I work on tuesdays. The little girl in the painting is Julie, the main character from a children´s book I illustrated three years ago. I think the book is still available online at Bokkilden.
Many times since I illustrated this book, I have drawn the same little girl again, to "meet her again", and see how beautiful she has become. I am going to guess that other authors and artists also grow a similar kind of "relationship" with their characters.
The postcard-size painting was a gift for the author of "our book".

Down by the ocean

By the oceanside

I had a good time in the south of Norway last week. In between class and homework, I had a few walks out over the island, even though it was not the nicest time of the year to be at the ocean.
This week, I am trying to write an article that will summarise most of the teaching I had gotten during my week at the bible-course. I´d have to admit that that´s more difficult than I thought.
It feels a lot like the big 1000-piece jigsaw-puzzle we were working on in the evening after class. I kind of know how I want the article to look like, and I´ve got what I need. But it´s still a lot of work. I hope I get it done within the next few days.

Norwegian DTS magazine in english

If you want to know about YWAM and about Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) in Norway, you can read the above magazine. It´s the first time that we have translated our norwegian DTS-magazine into english. Contact us when you are interested to get to know more of God, and find out about His heart for you and for all the peoples of the world.
I did a DTS back in 2005/2006, and have been working with YWAM since then.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book study: Ruth

Ruth shows Naomi all the barley she had gleaned on Boaz's field.
This is the point in the point in the book of Ruth, that you feel that everything will go good again.

I am in the south of Norway this week, on an island called Flekkerøy just outside of Kristiansand. Here I am following one week of a biblestudy-course called Bible School of the Nations. The topic for this week is about how to read and interpret the bible well. We have been deep-studying the book of Ruth during this week. Many of the things we have been learning, I did already know from before. But it is very good to actually work through the assignments in a group.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Elephant and girl hanging out

Elephant and girl hanging out.

I like last weeks pictures so much, I decided to make one more like it. Most likely, I´ll make a few more of this kind. They are quite fun to make.


Next week, I will be joining an «open week» on a bible-course in the south of Norway. YWAM has a place on the little island of Flekkerøy near Kristiansand. I´m looking forward to be in class again for one week. The subject of that one week will be «hermeneutics», which deals with the interpretation of the bible.
I find this an interesting subject, both for my personal chirstian life, and for my work as an designer and artist. Every drawing I make of a bible story is in fact an interpretation. For our Norwegian YWAM-magazine, I hope to write an article that will give the readers some keys to good bible-interpretation, I will try and write this while I am there in the south.

After next week I will start on the layout for the next issue of our magazine. The magazine will arrive in people´s mailboxes, the week before Easter.

I don´t know if I will be able to post a drawing next week (or photos), but we´ll see.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Elephant and Girl reading

reading her favourite book

I´m still reading books about the bible, and the good book itself.

Here is how powerful it is when people just read their bibles together and do what it says. It´s really simple, and it´s changing people by the thousands.

Between the design work on our magazine, I´m still developing ideas for an elephant book about bible-reading. None of the articles for the magazine have yet come in, so I get to spend some time to develop some general layout designs.
I will also write two or three articles for our magazine, so I´ve been doing research for that.

Have a nice week!

Thursday, February 6, 2014

66 Elephants

Sixty-six elephants

A parade

I have wanted to make this drawing for a long time. Not sure if this is a good representative drawing. But each of the above elephants stands for one book of the Bible. 66 in total. Since the beginning of this year, I´ve put a lot of effort into reading the books of the Bible for how they were meant to be read. It was more than a year ago I wanted to start at this project.

One of my bible-teachers in the north of Norway, used to say that you can´t eat an elephant whole. You have to cut it up before you can eat them. He was talking about bible-reading.
The metaphor has stuck with me, and I think it would be a fun to use it for an illustrated book about bible-reading. So, here are 66 elephants, all different, and a little unorganised.

Had to think of Colonel Hathi´s Elephant Patrol when I d´made this drawing.

Work: creating awareness to end human trafficking

We´ve finally had a editorial meeting about the next issue of our YWAM magazine, and one of the themes of this issue will be "human trafficking". It is the slavery of our age. Many youth have become engaged to put an end to this great violation of human rights. We believe that everyone is made by God, and in his likeness. Human trafficking, prostitution and exploitation of the weak are especially offensive to us christians, because it is offensive to God.
Norway is currently in the process of changing its laws to make prostitution punishable by law. With this they hope to reduce the organised crime in their country. After drug-trade, human trafficking is the second largest "profit" for world-wide organised crime.

Another lesser theme of our next issue will be about bible-reading, just my kind of thing. Perhaps some elephants will show up in the corners of the magazine.