Thursday, November 19, 2015

Two publication: Inktober drawings and the new Mot Målet

The first thing I want to show you in this blog-post is the collect all the drawings I made for this year´s Inktober.
It was real fun to do this illustration-project for Inktober this year, This monthlong project feels very free, the drawings are not commissions, so I get to experiment as much as I want.
It´s the first time that I´ve drawn a whole story. So, I got learn a lot about consistency, figure-drawing, and drawing clothes.

I hope you enjoy the drawings

The little drawing under here, I made in the weeks after the Inktober-thing was done. I was able to draw it quite quickly, and that felt as a bit of proof to me of how much progress I´ve made because the Inktober-project.

And another publication I want to show you is our new online version of Mot Målet. We are using a new service, which allows us to add slideshows, video and all kinds of links to the magazine.

Go here to see the new online version of our magazine.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blog hiatus: new life priorities

Sorry for not posting last week, lots of things have been going on, and I just could not make it.
But I am very happy to say that it´s been very for very good reasons that I could not post. It´s this Brazilian girl.

Me and my new-found dream.

Her name is Marina, and she works at the same place that I do. I´ve known her and her four year-old daughter Ana for two years. So, now that I have not just one but two beautiful people that I get to spend time with, the blog might not appear as punctual as before.
I was almost finished with this year´s Inktober drawings, when all the craziness started. I´ll make a  nice digital booklet with all the drawings in the next weeks, and post that one on the blog here.

Ana got to make a little brush and ink-drawing too,
when she and Marina came by my office this evening to say goodnight.

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Inktober week three

Pfoei, another week of Inktober drawings. Making these has «stolen» most of my time in the evenings. At the end of the month I will collect all the drawings into a booklet, and put the whole project online.

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Inktober week two

Hey, I´m back at Grimerud. We´ve finished another magazine for YWAM Norway. It was a good process, despite it being Jo Yngve´s first time as the editor, and me being out of my regular office surroundings. I´m very satisfied with this issue, it´s looking really good. I´ll show you some more in a couple of weeks.

For a few weeks ago, we had a small film team visiting, and they helped us (Grimerud) to make a short promo-video for the work that we do. I´m in the video too, just for one second.

Inktober is still going on, and despite the deadlines and late hour we had with the production of our magazine, I was able to keep up with the schedule of making one drawing per day. 
The drawing that I´m making for Inktober this year follow C.S. Lewis´ book «The Silver Chair» from the Narnia Chronicles. If you´ve read the book, you might recognise some of the scenes, If you haven´t, I hope you still like the pictures.
I´m posting my drawing over at my Tumblr-page.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Drawing Narina in Ibsen´s city

Mister Ibsen I presume.

Hey, I´ve been with YWAM Skien this whole week to work with the YWAM Norway-magazine. While I´m there I´m staying in a really old prison building. I have a cell all for myself. I have to say it´s not the first time that I´ve been in prison. Because, fifteen years ago, I have very briefly worked as a prison-guard. But it is the first time that I´ve slept in prison (being asleep on the job was one of the worst things you could do as a guard).

The YWAM place I´m staying these two weeks is in this old prison.
All the thick doors and everything are still there.


The work on the magazine is going quite well, it seems that we are pretty well on schedule. In the meantime, I´ve started a series of ink-drawings, because of «Inktober». Inktober is an online event  where artists all around the world make a drawing with ink for the whole month of October. Everyone who participates will then post their ink-art on their blogs and social media. The goal of this event is to improve our inking skills. Because we commit to posting something every day, are accountable to each other for making good art. It´s always a really inspiring event.

My project for this year, is to draw pictures to C.S. Lewis´s book «The Silver Chair». I bought the whole Chronicles of Narnia series in London this spring, and towards the end of last month, I had just finished reading the sixth book in the series, which is «The Silver Chair».

Here are the drawings that I´ve been making this far:

You can see my daily pictures here on my Tumblr-site.
I´ll keep posting more pictures during the month.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

The white pheasant, and 65 other

More than half a year ago, when our main building at Grimerud had not been painted, I saw a pheasant run around that was totally white. I had seen it twice, and other people had seen it too.
I mentioned the sighting it to a birding-friend, and she had never heard of white pheasants in this area. Never seen the unnatural phenomena again since actually. I also did not stay up to watch he red moon this weekend.

Anyways, seeing a white pheasant is a good enough reason to make this page of pheasants, I hope you like them. I also made two little animations from a dozen of the pheasant on the page.

Speaking of moons, it is once in a blue moon that I get to cut trees. Something I really like doing, and actually went to school for. One of the guys that does the outside-things here at Grimerud got stung by a wasp this thursday-morning and to let of some energy he decided to cut one of the biggest trees on the farm. It´s one and a half meters at it´s widest. After he realised that this tree was too big for him to cut on his own( and with a small chainsaw), he let me do the felling instead.

For my office-work I´ll be going to Skien this evening, and be there for two weeks. The new editor for our YWAM magazine lives and works there. A large part of the next issue is going to be about the churches role in Europe in the future. Jeff Fountain, The former leader of YWAM in the Netherlands is now working with The Shumann Centre, which has this as it´s main focus. Jeff had a long talk about Europe´s past, presents and future at our YWAM summer conference this year.
The school and offices that YWAM has in Skien are in a very old prison-building, I´ll try and show you some pictures of that next week.

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

66 Draft Horses

Woop, another one in the series of 66 Animals. I had to make one with these big horses too since I really like them. Actually, when I was in London this spring, the girls int he team let me know they though that the draft horse was my «spirit animal». Whatever that means.

Meanwhile at Grimerud, the two DTSes for this year have started, with fifteen students in each school. This coming weekend, another school will start too, and that school will have another twenty students. So, our who place is going to be packed with people for the next three months.

Preparing a whole board full of toasties.
And meanwhile at Café UNO, we are running are regular schedule again. And the a new school-season means new school-youth that come to hang out at the café.
In the weekends in some cities in Norway, the parents of school-going youth have to do vigilante-patrol duty. This group is called «Natteravner» (Nightravens), and before and after their nightly city-walks, they meet up at our café. Last saturday, the group was really big, and there the picture above has some of the toasties we made for the break-time.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Our fortieth jubilee at Grimerud, crossing our «Jordan»

The main-building of Grimerud in todays evening sun.

The main building of Grimerud in the old old days.
The main building had been white when YWAM had come there in 1975.

This weekend, we celebrated the fortieth anniversary of that our missions organisation has moved in the farm where I live and work. For the last forty years YWAM has been renting the buildings and the surrounding farmland. But in 2013, we started the process of buying all of the property, and today, it´s ours.It has been a long process of forty years, but we can finally that Grimerud is ours.

To mark the event, we have held a jubilee-celebration last weekend. We invited as many of the older generations who had been living and working at the this place to celebrate this jubilee with us. From listen to the old stories, and video-interviews we were able to look back on how God has lead us in the last four decades, and celebrate his faithfulness to our missions-movement in this country.
It was so good to see how happy and thankful the old people were when they saw that their dreams for this place had finally gone in fulfilment.

I could only be part of the beginning of the jubilee, because I had to be somewhere else the rest of the time.

On the first night of the jubilee-weekend we wanted to honour the
«fathers and mothers» that have pioneered this base for 40 years ago.
Following Jesus example from the new testament, we washed their feet.

The monument that we set up during the weekend of our fortieth jubilee.
With twelve stones like the stones of remembrance from Joshua chapter four.

Meanwhile in the office, I was hoping to be working on another issue of Mot Målet. But very unfortunately, our new editor has broken his right hand, and the whole process is being postponed for another week. Too bad. But the delay has given me time to do a lot of drawing some articles of the next issue (see below). Because YWAM Norway has for the last years made an special effort to send missionaries to European countries, we decided to have a large section in that magazine about Europe.

Illustrations for an article about six different types of people that live in Europe today,
from post-christian to post-communist to post-migrant and so on.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Waves of newspapers

One of the things we like to talk about in our missions movement is «waves of young people». We want to mobilise, train and equip young people to get to know God better and make Him known in all the corners of the world. YWAM is a like a big springboard with lots more springboards attached, with even more springboards attached to those.
What we want to see is a missions movement that looks like waves of young people who are jumping unto the mission-fields on all the continents.

I wrote last week that I´ve been shearing news-paper articles out of old Norwegian newspapers. Well, I´ve been doing some more of that this week as well. Although reading through a whole years worth of papers is a demanding task, it is giving me a decent idea of how we are presented in the printed media, and what the people might think when they read about us.
We´re doing quite good I think, but there is still a lot more that can be done. Getting an overview of all the articles will tell us how we really are doing, and what we might be able to improve. Better communication = more young people tot he mission-field. I hope.

Fixing the springboard with papers

Besides making magazines and drawing pictures, I believe that one of my roles in making these waves of young people is to «help the church on missions to communicate clearer and further». This is my semi-official mission-statement. Doing these kinds of media-analysis and -strategies fits right in with this role.
Going back to the image of YWAM as a huge springboard, I believe that the media strategies I´ve mentioned above will work as signage that will point more people the mission-field, and hopefully  create better informed springboards, so young people know what they are jumping into when they make the jump.

A promo-card I made for a missions-course that we are going to have here at Grimerud next year.
A pretty good example of some of the print-media communication I work with throughout the year.

And here´s a sketchbook-drop,
mostly people in weird positions,
and clumps of heads.
I´m always practicing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Knives in the archives

After the editorial meeting last week, I´ve starting this year with a bit of a boring task: archiving ten years of newspaper-articles that are relevant to our our organisation in Norway. Via an on-line service we keep track of when the Norwegian newspapers mention YWAM, DTS´s or YWAM-leaders in their papers. All the papers with relevant articles have been saved in crates in the last years.
Now I´ll take some days to cut the pages out of the papers, scan them and stick them in blue binders.

Two really fun things that are coming up int he next months are making the new magazine with the new editor, and travelling to the printer that´s doing our magazine, and talking with hem about a new design and layout for Mot Målet. We´ve had the same design for five years (as long as I´ve worked with the magazine), and now that I´ve learned a couple of things about magazine layout, I´d like to make some changes int he layout that enable us to present the articles clearer and and make the design-process easier.

Cutting relevant articles form old newspapers with a knife I stole from the kitchen.

A stack of magazines that I keep for reference and inspiration.

While making space in the archive shelves, I came across some really old books.