Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Girl on swing

Girl on swing. A picture I have been working on this week.
I´ve changed the colour of her dress for the "real" picture.

It has been summery hot here in Norway in the last week. But I am not complaining. I´ve mostly been busy working on pictures for the program about Norwegian folksongs. Working later and later each day. The pictures for the songs are turning up very different from each other, but that´s only fun. Three of them are finished already, but I´m not going to show them to you right now.

While bent over my drawing desk, I´ve been listening to many episodes of a podcast called "Make it then tell everybody", where cartoonists, comic artists and illustrators talk about their work.

A picture for a lullaby. Since the pictures are for folksongs,
they are all in a traditional Norwegian setting.

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Happy new sketchbook

This drawing is of my four year old nephew, driving a lawnmower.
We dropped by the Tracktor-pulling event a few weeks ago.
There was a little Lawnmower-pulling track for the kids, not sure if the machine was amped.

Sketchbook sentiment

I like finishing things. And a few weeks ago i´ve drawn the last picture (finished) in the old sketchbook that I´ve had for two years. The above picture is the first drawing I made in the new one. You can see that the paper is not so watercolour-friendly.
The weird but understandable thing is that I get very attached to a sketchbook, and as I was getting closer to the last page, I had to mentally say goodbye to it, and started to think about what the last drawing in that book would be. It´s like the end of a movie, or a book. Almost like a friendship.

Old brown book, new grey book. With corresponding cases.
They need the cases, because I take my sketchbook with me everywhere.

Breaking into a new book can be a very daunting idea, as you feel that your first page will set the standard for the rest of the book. A new sketchbooks is also like a new years, I try to make resolutions (or rules) for the whole book. Two of the rules for the book are that I will finish all the drawings, and fill all the pages. I don´t like unfinished things.
Another rule I was thinking about was that I would not draw from photographs any more. But I guess I broke that rule already on the first page. The reason for that rule is that you don´t become a good draftsman from copying pictures.

Illustrating folksongs

There is little to do for YWAM this time of the year, as mostly everyone is on vacation. This means that I´ve got a lots of time to work on other projects. Currently on my desk are five illustrations for a program about traditional Norwegian folksongs. I´m really excited about this project, and hope to get them finished by next week.

The linework of two of the five folksong illustrations,
 It´ll be in the fall that the final production will be finished.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Mot Målet #2 2014: Missions

I´m back from my vacation time in the Netherlands. and the magazine that we´ve been working on in May and June has long arrived in the Norwegian mailboxes. So, now I can post it on my blog.

There are many things that we can and want to say something about, but since since we are a large international missions-organisation, but we wrote about missions this time. That is what we do.
We do missions to all places, and we train and equip young people to go on the mission that they feel called to. Go here to find out about training opportunities with YWAM in Norway.

Enjoy your summer!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back home in the east 2014

For Norwegian standards, I've been out on an bicycle a lot in these last weeks.
The weather has been pretty good here, but not as good as Norway when I left.

Another week in the Netherlands, and I have not been doing much at all, just sleeping in and playing computer games on the GameCube that my little brother had left here. In the weekend we met up with the family from my mother's side. I took walks in the forest with my uncles and cousins, and played floor-curling with my nephews and niece.
I'll be visiting som more people later this week, and do some fun-foreign-uncle-stuff when my two little nephew will come for a visit. On sunday, I'll fly back to Norway, to start sketching for a project that I am pretty excited about.

Enjoy your summer!

Last weekend we had a family-reunion in the small place called Echten,
It was close to the national park I used to work ten years ago.

Another photo from national park Dwingelerveld.
The part of the park, I have never been,
as it is managed by another organization.

Since I'm showing off beautiful things on this side of the country,
here is our local windmill, all the way from 1860 (or later).

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Travel-time doodles

Doodles from the delayed train-ride that make miss my fight on sunday.

People at the airport.

More people at the airport.

I'm back in the Netherlands now for a few weeks of summer-vacation. I meant to fly down on sunday, but the 45 minute trainn-ride got delayed with an extra 30 minutes. So, when I did finally got to the airport,the only thing I could do was to rebook my ticket to the next day, and stay in Norway for one more night.
On monday, I made sure I was at the airport in good time, and most of that timeI spent drawing the people walking and standing around. The best of these drawings I kept, the others got erased.

Next weekend we will celebrate my parent's wedding anniversary with all the uncles, aunts and cousins. Some of them, I have not seen in a very long time.
Otherwise, I spend my time cycling around the area, stocking up on art-supplies, visiting the dentist and playing video-games.

I'm back in Gramsbergen for a weeks,
This is the house where I was born.

Thursday, June 19, 2014

The battle of the Odd

Wait up!

I was going to be in Oslo this week, on the church-painting project. But just on saturday I got a phone-call that the whole decoration-project had been postponed until after the summer.
So, I´m still back at Grimerud, doing my usual illustration and design.
One of the things that I have been working at this week are newsletters for our campaign to raise ten million kroner for the final purchase of the Grimerud-property (just under one third of the required money has come in).  Another thing that I´ve be working on is promotional material for our national bibel-distribution campaign in October. We are preparing to go door to door in all of Finnmark, to give every household the opportunity to get a bible.

Reliving the old times

Sunday after church, some friends of mine took me to Hamar´s yearly «Medieval festival», down by the cathedral ruins. It was fun walking around all the dressed up people, and watch their performances.

A drawing of photos I took at one of the shows at the medieval festival at Hamar.
The men (and women) on the drawing are the defenders of the city.

I was wanting to make a drawing of this medieval band too,
but decided to watch soccer-games with my friends instead.
These guys are Patrask from Sweden.

Preparing for new times

I had mentioned before that Café UNO has to move out of the pale we are in now. We don´t have a new place yet. But some good news is that the board of our café have been meeting with the city-counsel in the past weeks. They are wanting tohelp us find a new spot close to where the youth hang out. The city does no longer have preventive youth-care of their own. A number of years ago the city had to make cuts in their budget, that made them decided to lay down all their youth-care. Only non-government initiatives (like our café) have continued to be open for the city´s youth.
But, When the weather is really really nice, and the world-cup is on TV, there are very few youth that come by our café. So, with little else to do, I end up filling the last pages of the sketchbook that I´ve had for two years.

Doodles form a very quiet time in the café,
the bottom right corner was from last sunday in church.

Thursday, June 12, 2014


The half-thousand milestone

This is the five-hundreth post on my blog. Thank you for visiting my blog, whether every week or every so often. It´s been great fun to post my drawings here, and let you know about what I´m up to.

Just this week, we´ve finished another issue of our YWAM magazine, Mot Målet. It´ll be in the mail in a couple of weeks. This is for now going to be the last issue with me as both the editor and the graphic designer. After the summer, the «real» editor will be back from her one-year furlough. I´ll be happy to have her back, and not have to work by myself any more.

To personally celebrate that we had finished another issue of our magazine:
I scavenged a little bag-full of discarded books from the village library.
The smallest ones (top-right) are my favourite, they are drawn by Ali Mitgutsch.
The books with the «U» on them are by Tomi Uringer, a contemporary of Mitgutsch.


This summer, I will be in Oslo, where I will work on several murals for a church´s sunday-school rooms. It´s going to be a the biggest (square meter) project yet. The church is hiring me to make their rooms look like an inspiring castle interior. On the walls of this castle, we will hang paintings of some of the people from the stories of the bible, and lots more.
Many of my friends thought that this would be my Sistine Chapel ceiling painting, and in many ways, it is very much that. I myself, like to turn my thoughts to artisan men who painted the oldest churches of this country. They were not the «master-painters» of their time, yet they were gifted and willing to give their best.

3 Stavkirke Torpo IMG_1107

Torpo Stavekirke has an impressive ceiling painting,
tt has pictures of the life of Christ and of that of saints.
I visited this 900-year old church for two years ago.
Photo by Anyta on Flickr.

Døra  stavkyrkje Torpo

The carvings on the western door-portal to the Torpo stave-church are even more impressive.
Really old norse design,  I love the detail that has gone into the work.
The artist had so much he wanted to say.
Photo by Joke Benschop on Flickr.

Hamar´s moving café

This summer, the youth-café that I work at in Hamar has to move to a new place. The block that we are in now is going to be toen down. We are looking for a location that is as close to the main-street and the MacDonalds as possible, that´s where most of the youth hang out. Moving a café is expensive business, and renting a place downtown is not cheap either. We need to find a right spot for a good price, and hopefully someone who wants to help us pay the rent.
The last two weeks of june, I will be in the Netherlands to visit family and friends. My parents will celebrate their wedding anniversary, and the whole family is going to be there.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Extra Bilbingo/Road trip-bingo sheets 2014

Left-click to download.
Have fun on the road, and drive safely.

Left-click to download.
Have fun on the road, and drive safely.

Left-click to download.
Have fun on the road, and drive safely.

It´s summer soon, and many families will be ont he road driving their vacation-desination or visiting family and friends. If your kids don´t have a tablet-thingy, or a DVD-player.

These Bingo-pages are still getting downloaded a lot from my blog. So I´m just going to keep making more of them. Download them if you want, share them and have fun, but don´t use them for making money.

Here and here are here are downloadable PDF with Bilbingo/Car-bingo sheets.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Book cover: The Language-tree

A PhD in linguistics studies, that I did the cover-picture for,
here you see characters from both "Alice in Wonderland" and "The Alchemist".

More is more

I really like to make super-detailed drawings. It´s true that they take a very long time to make, but a good part of my artistic nature is to make intricate and complex things. Life is complex. I love the interplay between "the whole picture" and all the individual details. I like the work of Sven Nordquist, Ali Mitgutsh and Richard Scarry. It is like a comic-book page, where the whole page is a picture that is made up of a number of smaller pictures.

The first sketch I sent to Annemarie

Judge a book by it´s cover

Half a year ago, a fellow-student of my sister-in-law asked me if I could do an illustration for the cover of her PhD in linguistics studies.
I will try to explain a little bit about what is on the book-cover. In the picture you can see characters from the Lewis Carroll´s  "Alice in Wonderland", and from Paulo Coelho´s "The Alchemist".
Annemarie, the researcher, studied twenty translations of these two books to find small but significant differences in the language used. The differences, she then used to build a model of how all these languages relate to each other. This evolutionary model is illustrated by the branch with all the books hanging from it. Each book representing a language.
A better description of the subject is on the university´s website.

The finished pencil-sketch, approved

After I am done inking the drawing,
I scan it, clean it up, and print it out again to colour it.

Look here

The trick to keep an over-detailed drawing from becoming messy, is to create one main element. This will help guide the eye of the reader over the page. In this specific picture the eye falls on the white field around the faces of Santiago and Fatima. After that, the eye is free to wander around the page to all the other things that are hidden in the foliage. Thinking about layout like this is something I do a lot for my work for the YWAM magazine.
I had a lot of fun working on this drawing, and I especially loved it that I was able to tell so much with only one picture.

The invitation to the defence the research was a bookmark,
fittingly with the white rabbit as the herald of the event.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

66 brightly coloured elephants

A bouquet of sixty-six very colourful elephants

Colour, more colour

I´m not very good with colour, so I just use all of them.
Last week I showed you the pink elephants, this week the elephants are multi-coloured. Much much brighter than the original drawing from my sketchbook.
For this brightly coloured version I finally got to use the variety of little ink bottles that my brother sent me for almost a year ago.

Small bottles of strong ink-colours,
almost done with the picture.

I made these pictures because someone asked me if I could make them for her. If you like my drawings, and would love to order pictures for yourself or for a project, just get in contact with me.