Thursday, August 27, 2015

Waves of newspapers

One of the things we like to talk about in our missions movement is «waves of young people». We want to mobilise, train and equip young people to get to know God better and make Him known in all the corners of the world. YWAM is a like a big springboard with lots more springboards attached, with even more springboards attached to those.
What we want to see is a missions movement that looks like waves of young people who are jumping unto the mission-fields on all the continents.

I wrote last week that I´ve been shearing news-paper articles out of old Norwegian newspapers. Well, I´ve been doing some more of that this week as well. Although reading through a whole years worth of papers is a demanding task, it is giving me a decent idea of how we are presented in the printed media, and what the people might think when they read about us.
We´re doing quite good I think, but there is still a lot more that can be done. Getting an overview of all the articles will tell us how we really are doing, and what we might be able to improve. Better communication = more young people tot he mission-field. I hope.

Fixing the springboard with papers

Besides making magazines and drawing pictures, I believe that one of my roles in making these waves of young people is to «help the church on missions to communicate clearer and further». This is my semi-official mission-statement. Doing these kinds of media-analysis and -strategies fits right in with this role.
Going back to the image of YWAM as a huge springboard, I believe that the media strategies I´ve mentioned above will work as signage that will point more people the mission-field, and hopefully  create better informed springboards, so young people know what they are jumping into when they make the jump.

A promo-card I made for a missions-course that we are going to have here at Grimerud next year.
A pretty good example of some of the print-media communication I work with throughout the year.

And here´s a sketchbook-drop,
mostly people in weird positions,
and clumps of heads.
I´m always practicing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Knives in the archives

After the editorial meeting last week, I´ve starting this year with a bit of a boring task: archiving ten years of newspaper-articles that are relevant to our our organisation in Norway. Via an on-line service we keep track of when the Norwegian newspapers mention YWAM, DTS´s or YWAM-leaders in their papers. All the papers with relevant articles have been saved in crates in the last years.
Now I´ll take some days to cut the pages out of the papers, scan them and stick them in blue binders.

Two really fun things that are coming up int he next months are making the new magazine with the new editor, and travelling to the printer that´s doing our magazine, and talking with hem about a new design and layout for Mot Målet. We´ve had the same design for five years (as long as I´ve worked with the magazine), and now that I´ve learned a couple of things about magazine layout, I´d like to make some changes int he layout that enable us to present the articles clearer and and make the design-process easier.

Cutting relevant articles form old newspapers with a knife I stole from the kitchen.

A stack of magazines that I keep for reference and inspiration.

While making space in the archive shelves, I came across some really old books.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Grassified is a made-up word, it´s the thing that happens when someone is lying on his back on the lawn, arms outstretched, and a little girls is walking around putting grass in his hands. It´s like crucified, but on the grass instead of a cross.
My little friend Ana suddenly came up with that word, when we had been playing outside, and I went to ly down on the grass for a bit. It´s amazing to hear the kind of words that four-year old´s can come up with.

My co-workers are back from GOfest, and it sounded like they had a really good time. Last year, the weather got so bad that one big sent blew over and bent over. But not this year.
Tomorrow, we will start working again on the next issue of our YWAM Norway magazine, this year with a new editor. I am ready for it.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Holding down the fort

While almost all of YWAM Norway is down at Stavern for the GOfest, I am back at Grimerud to «hold down the fort». GOfest is a nice gathering and all, but I just don´t enjoy to be around masses and masses of people. I´ve been to these gatherings every year in the last years but not this year.
«Holding down the fort» might sound pretty  heroic, but in reality it means that I take in the mail, water the plants, and make sure the buildings are locked at night time. That, and I´m preparing for a new year with Mot Målet.

From a day that I was sketching at Koigen in Hamar, mainly kids on their scooters.
I started with small drawings on the left, and got more confident  with making big drawings on the right.

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekend visitors from Arnhem

A sketch for the «save the date» card for two friends of mine.
They are on vacation in Scandinavia this week,
and visited me this weekend.

The final artwork for my friends save-the-date card

This weekend I had my friends Gerben and Anna visiting me from the Netherlands. I used to study together with Gerben in Arnhem for already a decade ago. We both started out studying forestry, but now Gerben is an archeologist and I am an illustrator and designer. He was on vacation in Scandinavia with his fiancé Anna (sorry, no photos of us three, neither me nor Gerben like to be taken photos of).
They will get married in November this year, and had asked me to do an illustration for a «save the date» card for them.

These are some of the drawings I did while in the city last week. It was sunny weather, so practically everyone was wearing sunglasses. The little children on the pages were playing by the fountains at the big square.

The pages above have some anatomy studies on them, notes from last Sunday and a few sketches/drawings I did for a missions-school we are going to have here at Grimerud next year.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer in the city

Hey, it´s still summer. And that means that the weather is nice, most times. So instead of sitting in my office and making drawings there, I´ve been out in the sun on a bench in the city to sit and make drawings there instead. It´s a bit of an experiment, in which I hope to strike up good conversations with the other people that happen to be in town that day. We used to do this a lot when I was in London this spring, so I want to try to do the same here.
This summer, most people are doing really okay, but some of them don´t. They can really use some extra encouragement, someone who sees them and listens to them. It´s super important to slow down and take time the time for each other.

Oh, and all the drawings that I´ve made while in town are going to be posted at other times, so I´ve drawn some horsepower instead, I like drawing horses. Enjoy your summer!

I did draw some hot rod cars in Løten this weekend,
cars are not what I like to draw best.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

55 Grey Seals

I´m continuing the series of 66 animals for a bit, even though they are a lot of work. This time I drew Grey Seals, but only 55 of them.
More than a month ago, me and some friends here at Grimerud had a 31 day drawing challenge, where we drew one picture every day. On one of the days, I drew this seal-creature below. I liked the drawing so much that I drew some more yesterday.

In the meantime, at Grimerud, we have had another Mission Adventures training-camp. It´s a program that takes whole youth groups on short mission trips. This year, the teams are going to and Latvia, Lithuania and Romania.
In the meantime, I´m taking time to read books and practices drawing.

A page of sketches from the skatepark in Hamar.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Peeewit, a hand drawn animated gif.

I turned yesterday´s big detailed drawing into a cute little animation.
You are welcome, enjoy your summer!

66 Lapwings, and what I am reading this summer

66 Lapwings

Honestly, yes, I do miss the Netherlands sometimes. Especially when there is not so much happening and my mind gets to wander other places than project-work. What made me think of my hometown especially much this week was a lone Lapwing that I saw (and heard) flying over the fields last week. I don´t see them too much here in Norway, but we have a lot of them in the Netherlands.

It happens every summer that I get slack with things when the regular weekly program is not running for a few months. And especially my personal bible-reading and quiet-time and things. It happens every summer, that it should´t even surprise me anymore. But still …

I don´t want to take vacation from Jesus, even though it´s so easy to just let the bible stay in my bag, use these nice days on so many other things. But not this time, not much I hope.
So, instead of working on some important project, I´m taking time in the bible and some other books.

The second books I am reading is about small-groups in church, and the third is a biography in German. I´ve never been big on reading, I´d rather draw things. Since the picture-side of my brain is the most developed, I almost have to do my note-taking in through drawings (see above), and that takes a lot of time. But it´s good, because then I really get to digest what I´m reading.

A book in German,
a biography of one of my favourite children´s book illustrators.
Hope you guys are doing good this summer!

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Second issue of Mot Målet for 2015

A few weeks ago, the second issue of Mot Målet for this year came in the mail. The big news is that YWAM Norway is starting up in another city, in Bergen.
The work there is going to focus mostly on the christian students in the city, in a similar way that YWAM Olso already is doing. They will be a community of christian students that share life and follow Jesus together.
The city of Bergen has a great history of sending missionaries, and we want to relive that heritage in our time. YWAM is well known in the city, and the big majority of the churches is very happy that we have com to town.

This is the last time I´m writing the editorial,
on the next issue, we will have a new editor.

It´s summer time, and many of us at Grimerud have left for summer-vacation. We won´t make another issue of Mot Målet until after the summer, so I´ve got to find a good and fun project to work on in those weeks.

The main building is still being painted white,
we had some trouble at the front and paint had to be taken off again.
But this side is looking really fine in the evening sun.

 The moment when nearly everyone who was in the office that day
decided to sit and work in our «Design and IT-office/cave».