Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Studio to Street wk 5: A little sightseeing

I´ve been here for more than a month already, can you believe it. In a little over two weeks we will go on our outreach. We will visit four cities in Europe and do arts and evangelism there.

Sunday and monday are our days off, and on monday I took a walk (2,5 hours) through the parks to do a little sightseeing in the city centre.

Gotta do a selfie at some point here in London,
so why not at the Peter Pan-statue.

In London there is a statue for almost everyone who died in a war,
and some statues for people that conquered land for the empire.
But no statues for artist, thinkers or religious people …

I visited the House Cavalry Museum on the weekend trip.
The museum was kind of small, but it was nice.

I took a chance at visiting the Cavalry museum because the paintings that I am working on have to do with horses and people. In another post I will tell you of what the paintings are going to be about. The work is not yet done, and I kind of don´t want to share too much yet.
The other people in the internship are really excited about the progress of the paintings.

A photo from when I just had begun to do the ink-lines for the third picture.

Just yesterday the zipper of my old bag broke, so I got a nice new one. It was a bit expensive, but since I carry this bag with me everywhere, it´s worth the investment:

The new man-bag, with everything that that goes into it.
This bag is all that I will be taking with me on four weeks of outreach.

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