Friday, December 21, 2007

Starbucks sugar

I am back in Gramsbergen and it is very good to be back, At the airport I was received by my parents and brother, were we had coffee and stroopwafels that my mum brought. She didn't bring any sugar so my brother found some at Starbucks.

It has been very good to be home, I know it is Christmas, even while it doesn't feel like it to me. I will be visiting my brother in Amsterdam over Christmas. I am very happy for that, he has been a big influnce in my life, personally and as a artist. (except the Starbucks thing, that was my idea)

I have been back since monday, and after a few days of hanging around have I started to prepare for the presentatioins and meetings I will be doing in different places in the country. I have been making business cards last night, and planned to get them printed professionally. They charged 100 Euro for 200 cards, so I will find a way to print them myself.
They wrote about me in the local magazine, when I was in town I got recognized by different people, at the drugstore/postoffice and the Chinese restaurant. Gramsbergen is not such a big place and most people know eachother.

My skin had been very bad whenever I was below the polar circle, this time it hasn't been so bad, my mum had found some cannabis oil, it worked quite well. Us in Holland have good use for these plants.

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