Friday, September 12, 2008

Painting the office and tomorrow to Molde

In the last weeks we have been painting and painting our new office. That had not been done in 10 years, and we made everyting white, walls and ceiling. Except one wall, that we made blue, and later we will paint the history of Øystein on that wall, me and my Chinese collegue Miuky, she is a graphic designer. We will both do a diffrent part of the wall painting.

Also I will do a thing for the door leading into our office. I presented my ideas to the team and they liked it. I don't have anything digital yet, so you guys have to wait a bit. Here is a simple wallpaper design for in the hallway outside the office. We're not sure if we are allowed to put so much decorationi on that wall.

This weekend we will goto Molde, which is close to Bergen. There we will do two childrens meetings and a seminar, and also we will do some evangelism before the meetings. Today we went through the program and practiced the dances and puppet show.

Sunday the DTS students will come, when we will still be in Molde. They have eleven students, most of them from Norway, one from Sweden, one from Estonia and one from Kyrgystan.

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hanna kaisa said...

Hey there, I didn't even know you had a blog! cool, it was nice to read how things are going.. see you bro, bless!