Monday, February 13, 2012

Drawing Diary: 11 and 12 February 2012

11 February: On ski´s and about time.
This weekend I was in Trysil with a couple of friends. We got invited home to Svein Ola´s. Trysil is the biggest ski-resort on this side of the country. After five years in Norway it was my first time for me to stand on ski´s. And I really enjoyed it! Thanks a lot to both Svein Ola and Nina who were so patient with me on my first cross-country effort. Falling on snow hurts a lot less than falling on ice.

12 February: Norwegiana I
We were still at home with Svein Ola. Trysil is a really small place. While the others were out on the ski-tracks, I gave myself a tour "down-town". Walking on the snow-covered sidewalk, I really wished I was back on ski´s again. Thank God for this Norwegian contribution to the industrial revolution, the other one being the cheese-slicer. (Paperclip = American invertion)

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