Monday, March 26, 2012

Drawing Diary: 24 and 25 March 2012

22 March: Powerless
I dropped by some friends today. He said he was getting tired of having to live up to the shiny life that society expects him and his family to live. He is not a christian. I don´t really know him that well, and I also don´t know why he started to talk to me about these deep things. It made me feel powerless not to be able to help him "fix things". I am a guy, I feel like I should be able to fix things. He was happy that I had dropped by.

23 March: Hopeless
I brought yesterday´s feelings to church today. That was not at all helpfull. The speaker started to mentioned how few non-christians were coming to church and listed many reasons why people did not want to come to church. right then I felt like leaving the church service, and find someone to talk with downtown. But I stayed and the rest of the day I felt horrible. I stayed in bed and did not want to talk with anyone.

I was on chat with my father while I wrote these pages. I told him about this weekend, and we got to talk a little bit on about it. When we were done, I had much gotten peace of mind about the whole big bad weekend.
He told me things that you expect a father to tell his 30-year old son, like: "These things take time, make sure you use a lot of time on it.", and "If you are like this, than, that is probably how God made you to be."

It was only yesterday I was telling Martina that I see myself act like my father in many small ways. I think that is good, to me it means I am staying myself, rather than being changed by this country and this culture.
It was my dad who suggested that I should make the above drawing, based on this song.

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