Friday, June 8, 2012

Drawing Diary: 6 and 7 June

6 June: Narrative co-entities
Horse and chariot, cereal and milk.
Janice Rogers taught me that no one thing exists without the other, and called it logical co-entities.
It is so simple that I overlook it very often.
Example A: At the office we are working with the photo-exhibition again.
Our potential photo´s are "in the box", now we are working to find stories to go with the photo´s.
Example B: It´s a much more exiting dynamic to work with two projects at a time, than to work with only one.
I feel I can make them work up against each-other. It gives me the momentum to bounce between them.
Today, I have been planning what media-projects I can be doing after the summer.

7 June: Uncling III 
I was babysitting three little girls again this evening.
Play-Doh all over the table and all under it – Clean up – Oatmeal and cereals with milk in colorful bowls – and face – Clean up – Hiding and crying to stall bedtime – Pyama lost  – Pyama found – No bedtime story (because of stalling) – Clean up. Little baby-brother slept through all of it.

I thought about this Dutch duet when I was writing about the co-entities.
And this is the original english version.

Do you have this experience too, that it feels a bit empty when you are doing just one thing at a time?

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