Sunday, July 22, 2012

Drawing Diary: 6 and 7 July

6 July: Gluttons
From Ål we walked to Skurvehovda, from there I walked over Holsåsen back to our summer-house. I found a brochure that told us the "Gluttons" had established themselves at the north of the Hardangervidda. I understand they had meant to write they were Wolverines.

7 July: From our cabin in Vats we drove through a few beautiful places. We passed Vøringsfossen, we drove through Sørfjord, with all its orchards. We sped past the white water river leading up to Odda, before we arrived at our final destination: Håra.

Okay, I drew a troll. You can´t live in Norway and not at least draw one troll.
I used to draw lots of trolls when I was a teenager, at one point I was almost only drawing trolls. We will take it as another pivotal point of evidence that I was meant to live in Norway, we do.

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britt solveig oleivsgard said...

Incredible that you have a cabin in vats. I grew up in Leveld:)