Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Drawing Diary: 16 and 17 September

16 September: Of kitchen-mice …
After skipping church and preparing lasagna for 60 ppl., I prepared and froze three more liters of plums. All this boiling and syruping fruits, makes me imagine I am in Redwall Abbey, helping out to prepare for a big feast. Brian Jaques could make your mouth water with all the dishes he described in his books. I don´t think comics could do that in the same way.

17 September: … and of kitchen-men.
After a rather boring monday in the office, I went back to our kitchen, doing 3 more liters of plums. This time I needed a ladder to get to the top-most branches. While I am about in the kitchen for a few hours, boiling, pitting and pealing the plums, I get some more time with the other guys. We have had many good conversations in the past days. I am otherwise not so good at hanging around people longer than 15 minutes.

I must have read most of the Redwall books when I was a teenager. I remember the places and the animal races and all the foods. It worked so vividly on my imagination that I made a sizable board-game about it for me and my little brother. We made the figures a little over an inch tall, from thin squared paper, colored with color-pencils. I was quite the little fantasy-designer back then.

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