Thursday, September 20, 2012

Drawing Diary: 18 and 19 September

18 September: Speak for yourself!
It was great to hear Lars Kristian give a talk about how the last year has been for him as a Christian. He had suddenly been diagnosed with leukemia, got severe chemo-terapy, had a bone-marrow-transfusion from his little brother. And he is well today. He stood there saying: «I have been given a story, and I am going to tell it.»

19 September: Early spring
First plum-smoothie tryout, approved! The girl running the café had found my not-so secret stash of frozen plums, and started turning them into smoothies. I still have to get used to the taste of plums, though.

We all have our attitudes and stories, big ones or small ones.
They are ours to handle and share, around the world. I thought, I can ask and pay somebody else to retell my stories, but I am the only one that is living mine.
My life is a gift, and not just for me.
It is different for everyone, but nobody knows your story better than you.

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