Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Drawing Diary: 17 and 18 November

17 November: The page-turner
When I sat in our chapel today, a though like this came to my mind: 
"When you turn a page, you can still see marks and on the back of the page turned."
My other sketchbook has quite thin and waxy paper, and some of the ink and paint shows through to the other side. I don´t bother about it, and just draw over it. I am a big one for working with what I have, and finishing what I start. So, I am not stressed that there already is a faint stain on the new page when I turn it.
I believe God is like this to me, when I let Him turn a fresh page in my life. I know He is looking to do something new, rather than being occupied with lingering imperfections.

18 November: I ate the same elephant for the third time and it´s still alive.
Back in 2005, one of my DTS-teachers gave me a bible-reading schedule with one square for every chapter. He told me to "eat the elephant in small pieces". I like it, because this way I can keep crossing off squares until there none left, and start again. Today, after three years, eight months and twelve days, I have read through the whole bible in Norwegian. There have been a number gaps of several months where I did read my bible at all. 

Proverbs, shmoverbs. Curious as I am, I had to find out how "eating an elephant" really works. So, here comes the Hyena.

For those of you that want to extend on the thought on the left page, you can hypothesize that some people have thicker paper than others, and less of the paint bleeds through to the backside of the paper, but that is far beside the point.
The main point is that Jesus has died to take up the punishment for our disobedience. Now, He used to be dead, but He lives again. And through Him we can be forgiven of our sins. Then "our mess of paint" is cleared away, and our past is forgotten. This is the only way for us to have real peace with God and with ourselves.
I know He loves me too deeply (and hates my stains too much) that He does not want me to keep Him from turning a page.

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