Thursday, November 22, 2012

Drawing Diary: 19 and 20 November

19 November: Big elephant bones.
I am so happy about getting to read the whole bible one more time. This time I have to take more notes, I forgot so much of what I read before. I want to get a better overview over all the books. Time-line, cultural/historical contexts, geography, those things. The thing I am most looking forward to, is to find "the big story", and respectfully retelling what I read every day. In general, I have to work with a given thing for a while before it "becomes real". I am not going to start just yet, First I will ask some wise people for their advice. I want to make a right start.

20 November: Quiet night
There were just too few youth at the café today. Between six and seven, there was just one girl, she had a whole couch for herself and her homework. She always orders double cortado´s. In the three years I have worked there, I can only remember one evening that no-one came. Then we kind of just sat in the window and look into the café and out over the dark street.

Someone borrowed me a book about how to read the bible, here´s a interview with one of the guys who wrote that book.

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