Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Mixable week 6: Me with a gas-mask and the man with the red robe.

In "our café", we get to do everything ourselves. Tuesday after we closed and cleaned the café, we tried to unclogd the sinks behind the counter. We measured off a good amount of "the known stuff"  and poured hot  water over it. I don´t know what was in it, but the gas that came free burnt in my nose and nearly got me

to faint. A gas-mask and good ventilation would have been useful. We opened all the doors and stepped out into the snowy night, breathing in fresh air, and needed oxygen.
After half an hour, the operation was done.

My work-time on thursdays starts with a group bible-study. We are reading through the gospel of Matthew, this week we are at the end of the "Sermon on the Mount". But since most of the people were out on a conference in Riga, and the others decided to skip, I was the only one there. I have

to say that I have skipped many times too, but this time I had to lead the group study. After twenty minutes of trying to study by myself in silence, I gave in and put down the text for the day. And then for twenty minutes I doodled in the drawing-book that I always carry with me.

Down in the office we finished another issue of Mot Målet, YWAM Norway´s magazine. Working witht he magazine is a big part of my job, and the more I do it, the less exciting it gets. I wanted to write and draw something about it, but could come up with an exciting way to draw a computer-screen and me.

Our friend Lars Kristian (LK), who is still in the hospital with a relapse of leukemia, is doing comparatively well. Despite fevers and pneumonia, his body is slowly reacting to the treatment he is getting. His overall condition is slowly improving, and the hospital-priest fixed a keyboard-piano to placed on LK´s ward. Now, LK´s musical friends can play for him whenever they visit.

Myself, I have enjoyed listening to three episodes of FolkLab, a series about Norwegian folk-musicians coming together. I listen to folk-music a lot during work time.

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