Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mixable week 9: God of the junkie and the priest

Bible-study group on wednesday, and with two new members. One from Indonesia and one from Ghana. We read the last bit from Luke 7. It  struck me that both the woman and the pharisee had different idea of Jesus. Both of them must have heard about Him from "their own kind". I imagine that the woman got

to know the word on the street, of forgiveness and healing. While the pharisee heard the rumors of a troublesome new preacher and miracle-worker. Jesus had one story for both of them. What people tell you about God can be so wildly different, yut He is the one and the same. Only when you meet him for ourself, you will know who He truly is.

I had to think of this christian song while I was writing the above entry.
Making every drawing fit into the "frame", is a great challenge. It forces me to find creative compositions, much more than last year´s book. The top picture was difficult to get right. For the bottom one I only had to find that right kind of reference photo for the horse. It´s a bit of a headache sometimes, but it´s fun.

After five years, I am no longer the onliest Dutchy at Grimerud. This friday a family of four made their move from the mudflats of Friesland to these hills of Hedmark. And I am very happy to have them here. Their initial plan was

to do a DTS-course that would start here around this time, but the course got cancelled. With Norway in their hearts, they decided to follow through on their plan. For five months they will be here, and I am looking forward to having them here, a little bit of home has come.

I love adding orange and purple to the drawings, Now the black horse looks more alive.

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