Saturday, March 9, 2013

The last Jonah-puzzle page

This is the last page in the series we are doing about the book of Jonah.

I made these pages for YWAM Norway´s magazine Mot Målet.
I haven´t posted about this Jonah-project of ours for a very long time. But we are finally through it, and above here is the final page. The story of Jonah closes with God showing how much He cares for everything He has made, the whole city of Niniveh, Jonah, and the miracle plant that gave Jonah shade in the burning sun.
I don´t think the story is about the revolting prophet, even when many books and video´s may end with this. God shows His mercy and patience by contrasting it with Jonah´s character. Jonah is revolting all the way, and refuses to put some effort in the job he is asked to do. Jonah is the antagonist in his own story.
Part of the reason the final Jonah page looks like this, is to show many of the beautiful things God has created and show Him underlining: "all of this, is what I care for".

The ostriches on the sideline got pasted in towards the end of the process.
Also, I was not happy with the ostrich-heads, so I drew a few replacements.

Same thing here with the caracal (big cat) and other sticks and stones.
For this picture I have researched on the wildlife of Iraq.
You see that both Jonah and the tree look very different from the final result.

This is a piece of "work in progress" of the maze.
This was when I needed to figure out how the maze should run.
This kind of "gardening" also helps me to plan where the plants and rocks should go.

It was most likely that Jonah´s miracle-bush was a Ricinus-plant. Down here is a little drawing of the moth and caterpillar of the "Olempa Schleini" species. Ten years ago, German and Israeli biologists found out that this is the only animal that can eat from a Ricinus-plant and not die. The Ricinus is a highly poisonus plant.
Another fact about this caterpillar is that it stays hidden at daytime, and comes out to eat in the dark. Just like in the bible-story.
The story of Jonah is not written to tell how everything happened, it is written so that we may believe.

A quick drawing of the "Olempa Schlein",
could this be the kind of worm that ate a hole in Jonah´s "good mood".


Charne aka Meisie said...

It is so interesting to see your creative process. And i love the 'little' fact about the plant and the cattepillar. Really cool. TFS!

Jan Willem Middag said...

Thank you. I have had great fun in engineering these puzzles. But it was a challenge too, sometimes. It has been a great opportunity for me to dig deeper into the book of Jonah.
The caterpillar-fact was not central to the story, so I did not come in print. But I can still post it on my blog.