Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Mixable week 28: Flipping Burgers

This weekend, we are running a big training event for teenagers of different churches. On the tuesday they will go to Romania and Latvia for mission-trips of two weeks with their youth-groups. I am helping out practically with the camp, by preparing their dinners and suppers. We have

to make dinner for 120 people in total. On friday, the starting day, I stood outside and fried burgers in a thirty degree sunshine. That was smoking hot!

Serving food for a 100+ people on some camp has become part of the summer-experience her at Grimerud. For me, its just not the same without having dome that once. Once I have done it a few times before, it doesn´t take so much energy, even though it is a lot of work.
Most of the evenings after I was done with the work for the supper, I went down to my office to draw a bit.

We are making a new DTS-magzine for YWAM-Norway. This week on tuesday, I started to work on the design for it. In the last years, we have designed a new magazine per school-year. This time we are going to try and make a magazine that can go for a couple of years. The challenge is that I always want

to start form the core, rather than reworking last year´s idea. Our plan now, is to give ten good reason for doing a DTS (in Norway). Since we are a missions movement, the core and heart of everything we do will always be Jesus. He calls us to follow Him. Working with new editors, writers and photographers is always refreshing.

I drew some crabs on the second picture because of last years post.

Enjoy your summer!

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