Friday, July 12, 2013

Summersketches at Hedmarksmuseet

In the last week of my very short summer-vacation, I spent a few evenings in Hamar at the  "Hedmarksmuseet", the county-museum. It´s an open-air museum area that is freely accessible for everyone. A number of really old farm-buildings and houses have been moved and rebuild to this area.
Most counties or villages in Norway have such a "bygdemuseum" (village-museum).

I drew these things mostly to relax and enjoy the weather. And to see whether I could do it.  Old buildings like these are a charm to draw. Maybe I will finish them with ink and watercolor, probably not.

Stabbur (storage building) from 1700-ish.

Inside the "porch" of the same stabbur.

Living house from around 1750.

Main-building of a farm from 1620-ish.

This sketch beneath is from a place in the forest. That day, I didn´t bother to bike the whole 6 km to the museum-area.

This is a tree-stub and a campfire-place at the edge of the forest.
The place I sketched this was somewhere between the museum and where I live.
I added the duck and the girl afterwards.

Enjoy your summer, and don´t forget to get outside and get you D vitamins.

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