Wednesday, September 18, 2013

DTS-magazine: Ten good reasons

Ten good reasons

Hello again, above is this year´s DTS-magazine for YWAM Norway (all text in Norwegian). We are running DTS-courses at eight locations in Norway. In the past years, we have give two pages for each centre to present themselves. This year we chose to give ten good reasons for taking an DTS in Norway, and show a lot photographs from the DTS´s of the past years.
A big thanks to photographer and first-time editor: Jo Yngve Svensen, and the other three main-contributing photographers: Jan Erik Solberg Johansen, Ruben Stensrud and Roland Baltzersen.
We are working on an english translation of this magazine, we hope we will be able to publish it the next couple of weeks.

For page nine of the magazine, I made a pencil-drawing,
because it was hard to find a fitting photograph for the subject.

The final illustration in the magazine,
I flipped the image to better suit the design of these pages.

The original drawing in my sketchbook.

Norwegian PacMan

Designing a new magazine for three weeks straight by yourself is a very tiring experience. You´r trying focus on both the big picture and on every specific page of the magazine.
So after the third week I took a long weekend off to disconnect from the work. I went blueberry picking with some of my friends from church. That really helped.

Picking blueberries with a norwegian berry-picker looks a lot like a game of Pac-Man (minus the ghosts). You´r walking around obstacles and scoop up as much in as short a possible time:

Norwegian Pacman, visualized.
I had some fun making this.

Work stuff

I´ve gotten real good responses on the illustrated map I made of Grimerud. Trying to explain how we live and work can be a bit tricky sometimes, so I´m happy to hear that my illustrated map has helped many of my co-workers. Great!