Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Julie again

Julie is snapping at the first snowflakes

Little Julie

A few weeks ago I made the above painting at Kreativ UNO, the creative artsy workshops we have at the youth café I work on tuesdays. The little girl in the painting is Julie, the main character from a children´s book I illustrated three years ago. I think the book is still available online at Bokkilden.
Many times since I illustrated this book, I have drawn the same little girl again, to "meet her again", and see how beautiful she has become. I am going to guess that other authors and artists also grow a similar kind of "relationship" with their characters.
The postcard-size painting was a gift for the author of "our book".

Down by the ocean

By the oceanside

I had a good time in the south of Norway last week. In between class and homework, I had a few walks out over the island, even though it was not the nicest time of the year to be at the ocean.
This week, I am trying to write an article that will summarise most of the teaching I had gotten during my week at the bible-course. I´d have to admit that that´s more difficult than I thought.
It feels a lot like the big 1000-piece jigsaw-puzzle we were working on in the evening after class. I kind of know how I want the article to look like, and I´ve got what I need. But it´s still a lot of work. I hope I get it done within the next few days.

Norwegian DTS magazine in english

If you want to know about YWAM and about Discipleship Training Schools (DTS) in Norway, you can read the above magazine. It´s the first time that we have translated our norwegian DTS-magazine into english. Contact us when you are interested to get to know more of God, and find out about His heart for you and for all the peoples of the world.
I did a DTS back in 2005/2006, and have been working with YWAM since then.

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