Thursday, June 12, 2014


The half-thousand milestone

This is the five-hundreth post on my blog. Thank you for visiting my blog, whether every week or every so often. It´s been great fun to post my drawings here, and let you know about what I´m up to.

Just this week, we´ve finished another issue of our YWAM magazine, Mot Målet. It´ll be in the mail in a couple of weeks. This is for now going to be the last issue with me as both the editor and the graphic designer. After the summer, the «real» editor will be back from her one-year furlough. I´ll be happy to have her back, and not have to work by myself any more.

To personally celebrate that we had finished another issue of our magazine:
I scavenged a little bag-full of discarded books from the village library.
The smallest ones (top-right) are my favourite, they are drawn by Ali Mitgutsch.
The books with the «U» on them are by Tomi Uringer, a contemporary of Mitgutsch.


This summer, I will be in Oslo, where I will work on several murals for a church´s sunday-school rooms. It´s going to be a the biggest (square meter) project yet. The church is hiring me to make their rooms look like an inspiring castle interior. On the walls of this castle, we will hang paintings of some of the people from the stories of the bible, and lots more.
Many of my friends thought that this would be my Sistine Chapel ceiling painting, and in many ways, it is very much that. I myself, like to turn my thoughts to artisan men who painted the oldest churches of this country. They were not the «master-painters» of their time, yet they were gifted and willing to give their best.

3 Stavkirke Torpo IMG_1107

Torpo Stavekirke has an impressive ceiling painting,
tt has pictures of the life of Christ and of that of saints.
I visited this 900-year old church for two years ago.
Photo by Anyta on Flickr.

Døra  stavkyrkje Torpo

The carvings on the western door-portal to the Torpo stave-church are even more impressive.
Really old norse design,  I love the detail that has gone into the work.
The artist had so much he wanted to say.
Photo by Joke Benschop on Flickr.

Hamar´s moving café

This summer, the youth-café that I work at in Hamar has to move to a new place. The block that we are in now is going to be toen down. We are looking for a location that is as close to the main-street and the MacDonalds as possible, that´s where most of the youth hang out. Moving a café is expensive business, and renting a place downtown is not cheap either. We need to find a right spot for a good price, and hopefully someone who wants to help us pay the rent.
The last two weeks of june, I will be in the Netherlands to visit family and friends. My parents will celebrate their wedding anniversary, and the whole family is going to be there.

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