Thursday, July 3, 2014

Back home in the east 2014

For Norwegian standards, I've been out on an bicycle a lot in these last weeks.
The weather has been pretty good here, but not as good as Norway when I left.

Another week in the Netherlands, and I have not been doing much at all, just sleeping in and playing computer games on the GameCube that my little brother had left here. In the weekend we met up with the family from my mother's side. I took walks in the forest with my uncles and cousins, and played floor-curling with my nephews and niece.
I'll be visiting som more people later this week, and do some fun-foreign-uncle-stuff when my two little nephew will come for a visit. On sunday, I'll fly back to Norway, to start sketching for a project that I am pretty excited about.

Enjoy your summer!

Last weekend we had a family-reunion in the small place called Echten,
It was close to the national park I used to work ten years ago.

Another photo from national park Dwingelerveld.
The part of the park, I have never been,
as it is managed by another organization.

Since I'm showing off beautiful things on this side of the country,
here is our local windmill, all the way from 1860 (or later).

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