Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Summer in the city

Hey, it´s still summer. And that means that the weather is nice, most times. So instead of sitting in my office and making drawings there, I´ve been out in the sun on a bench in the city to sit and make drawings there instead. It´s a bit of an experiment, in which I hope to strike up good conversations with the other people that happen to be in town that day. We used to do this a lot when I was in London this spring, so I want to try to do the same here.
This summer, most people are doing really okay, but some of them don´t. They can really use some extra encouragement, someone who sees them and listens to them. It´s super important to slow down and take time the time for each other.

Oh, and all the drawings that I´ve made while in town are going to be posted at other times, so I´ve drawn some horsepower instead, I like drawing horses. Enjoy your summer!

I did draw some hot rod cars in Løten this weekend,
cars are not what I like to draw best.

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