Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Weekend visitors from Arnhem

A sketch for the «save the date» card for two friends of mine.
They are on vacation in Scandinavia this week,
and visited me this weekend.

The final artwork for my friends save-the-date card

This weekend I had my friends Gerben and Anna visiting me from the Netherlands. I used to study together with Gerben in Arnhem for already a decade ago. We both started out studying forestry, but now Gerben is an archeologist and I am an illustrator and designer. He was on vacation in Scandinavia with his fiancé Anna (sorry, no photos of us three, neither me nor Gerben like to be taken photos of).
They will get married in November this year, and had asked me to do an illustration for a «save the date» card for them.

These are some of the drawings I did while in the city last week. It was sunny weather, so practically everyone was wearing sunglasses. The little children on the pages were playing by the fountains at the big square.

The pages above have some anatomy studies on them, notes from last Sunday and a few sketches/drawings I did for a missions-school we are going to have here at Grimerud next year.

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