Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Blog hiatus: new life priorities

Sorry for not posting last week, lots of things have been going on, and I just could not make it.
But I am very happy to say that it´s been very for very good reasons that I could not post. It´s this Brazilian girl.

Me and my new-found dream.

Her name is Marina, and she works at the same place that I do. I´ve known her and her four year-old daughter Ana for two years. So, now that I have not just one but two beautiful people that I get to spend time with, the blog might not appear as punctual as before.
I was almost finished with this year´s Inktober drawings, when all the craziness started. I´ll make a  nice digital booklet with all the drawings in the next weeks, and post that one on the blog here.

Ana got to make a little brush and ink-drawing too,
when she and Marina came by my office this evening to say goodnight.

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Nelleke Lantink said...

Grams, wat leuk! Veel zegen en geluk!!