Thursday, November 19, 2015

Two publication: Inktober drawings and the new Mot Målet

The first thing I want to show you in this blog-post is the collect all the drawings I made for this year´s Inktober.
It was real fun to do this illustration-project for Inktober this year, This monthlong project feels very free, the drawings are not commissions, so I get to experiment as much as I want.
It´s the first time that I´ve drawn a whole story. So, I got learn a lot about consistency, figure-drawing, and drawing clothes.

I hope you enjoy the drawings

The little drawing under here, I made in the weeks after the Inktober-thing was done. I was able to draw it quite quickly, and that felt as a bit of proof to me of how much progress I´ve made because the Inktober-project.

And another publication I want to show you is our new online version of Mot Målet. We are using a new service, which allows us to add slideshows, video and all kinds of links to the magazine.

Go here to see the new online version of our magazine.

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