Sunday, December 25, 2016

Christmas 2016

Hey everyone, we want to wish you a very merry Christmas!

We are so overly happy that we are now spending the holidays together as one family. It´s the first time we have our own Christmas tree, build our own «pepperkakehus» (gingerbread-house), lighted our own advent candles and a few things more.
We also continued an advent tradition that we started when we were still dating. Last year we did an advent devotional for which I drew one illustration every day. Those illustrations have now become and important part of the decorations for our Christmas tree. Every evening we have coloured one of the drawings and read the devotional together.

The Middag family Christmas tree.

We recorded all the whole Norwegian advent song for you guys, enjoy!

Our Christmas dinner with both Grimerud-friends and refugee-friends.

On Christmas-eve we first went to «The Mercy house», where Marina volunteers on Thursdays. Here we sang carols and told the story of Jesus birth to a small group of refugees that had come for the celebration. At the end of the program we handed out gifts to them.
Two of the refugees came with us to Grimerud with us and spent the rest of the evening here.

We are looking forward to some days of rest now, until the next big Grimerud-events start. Then in the new year I will make a little change in my work, and become part of the book-publishing team Proklamedia that YWAM Norway has. I´m will still be making the YWAM-Norway magazine, but at the times that I am not working with that, I´ll be involved with the publishing team.

Financially we have been able to come through the year. Being full-time volunteers that depend on gifts and sponsoring for their finances is still a challenge. But just like the last ten year, it has worked out this year too.
For me, it has also been the first full year that I have been tithing off all the money that has come in.

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