Monday, March 31, 2008

Character Building

Hei, It has been a tiring week last week. I have been working 3 days at the cheesery which is half an hour drive from where I live. Due to my skin problems I sleep bad and am tired during the daytime. I have been quite exhaused even before I started the workday. But I have been working on, despite my tiredness. With this kind of work I can put my will behind it.

The thing I do there is to pack or re-pack cheeses into boxes. These cheeses are 14 kg in weight when they are sent to our customers, and the put a lable on it and cut it to smaller pieces. I have to handle about 2000 such cheeses a day, so that come up to a 28000 kg workload.

They showed us the whole process of industrial cheese-making. My head was soo woozy, th only thing I remember are the huge shiny noizy machines. Maybe I will take a camera to work one day, if I'm allowed to make pics.

One thing that has happend during work is that I started to make up comic-characters based on my collegues. Character building is a part of making a comic, where you give everyone their personal appearence, personality and expression. I thought it would be a nice distraction to practice a little on my collegues.

We had snow with easter here in Holland.

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Chris said...

dude - this sounds like heavy stuff. but you seem to handle it well :-) hope you will get more strength in your body. catch you on the phone!