Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Can't do it alone

Oooh, I'm tired. and a tiring week it has been aswell.
Still I am having problems with my skin, they are not neccasery more sincere, but it is just not getting over. The whole chronic disease is starint to wear on me, even while I do my best to be strong and endure it as good as I can.
A few days ago we made the deceision that I am going back to Norway now already in May. This skin problem is holding me back too much and I hope by returning to Norway it will get better. Then I can concentrate better on fundraising, even if I have to do it from a long distance.

It was not an easy deceision. On one side I want stay so I can continue working on fundraising and earn some money aswell. On the other side will it be great relief to be rid of my bad conditions. Every day I suffer from my bad skin, people around me suffer aswell.

Yeah, even this whole situation got me to tears, because I could not take it anymore. Or maybe because I could not be so strong as I hoped to make it through by myself. I know my strenght is lying in my Lord, I know He is bearing this with me, I know I do not have to suffer more after what He did for me...

Until May I will keep on working with fundraising and my homefrontcomittee and wrap up thing and get ready to move back to Norway. During this time the people from YWAM Holland will be helping me with these things.
From May til August I will be back at Borgen, where I have been living before. There I trust I will get better. Also the good people there will help me further with fundraising and things, and I will elp them with their things. At the moment I can't figure things out alone.
In August the wonderfull work will start at Grimerud, then I hope to have everything sorted out and be ready to draw draw draw.

I am happy to be going back to Norway, it is a place where I feel at peace. I am also happy that for me there is this solution of immigrating, there are people with similar health problems that don't have an option like this. It is a forced move but not a bad one.

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